St Ayles Skiff International

In a great development for the St Ayles skiff class of Coastal Rowing Boat, four existing national associations have agreed to form an International Class Association, with a view to promoting the Class worldwide, ensuring the continuing success of Skiffiworlds, and keeping the same high standards wherever St Ayles skiffs are raced.

A Minute of Agreement was signed at Skiffieworlds 2019 by Robert Graham of Down Coastal Rowing Association (the Class Association for All Ireland), Jim Barr representing the Australian St Ayles Skiff Community Rowing Association, Andrew Rendle, secretary of the Scottish Coastal Rowing Association, and Kees van Vugt of the Dutch St Ayles Rowing Association. The agreement brings mutual recognition for each of the Associations and commits them to working together for the International Association. During the week, it is hoped that other international groups will support the work of the four member associations.

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