Happy 10th Birthday to the St Ayles Skiff

SCRA hosted a reception at Stranraer Rugby club to mark 10 years since the concept and design of the St Ayles skiff. Guests of honour were David Todd and Iain Goodyear from the Scottish Fisheries Museum, Alec Jordan of Jordan Boats, and Iain Oughtred renowned small boat designer. The rest of the party was made up of builders and users of these magnificent craft. Also at the party was Chris o’Kanaird, the prototype for the class, built by Alec Jordan and Chris Perkins and now part of the Scottish Fisheries Museum collection.

David Todd spoke of the museum looking for a boat building project, and being willing to invest in the idea. Alec Jordan explained the concept for community built rowing boats, and showed a remarkable graphic of the spread of the class in the 10 years since the design. Iain Oughtred explained to origin and influences on the design. Alec and Iain were presented with SCRA quaichs as a token of thanks from the skiff community.

The fact that this party took place at an international championships involving 700 crews all rowing in boats built to the design clearly demonstrates the suitability of the design that has been gifted to us, the skiff building and skiff rowing community. Congratulations to that community for investing in and evangalising about all things St Ayles Skiff, and creating the amazing international phenomena that we all enjoy. Thank you again to those who were involved in bringing the class about.

Chris o’Kanaird
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