Skiff Apollo for Sale

The asking price is £13,500 which is for the boat on its trailer, with its oars, its rudder and ancillaries (4 x paddles, anchor, chain & rope, 2 x 7m painters, 2 x bailing scoops), delivered to its new home (within reason!).


Apollo was built and painted in May 2019 by Lakeland Wooden Boats headed up by professional boat builder Kevin Halcrow, Lakeland Wooden Boats is based outside Kendal in the Lake District.  The oars were built by the Scottish Maritime Trust at Irvine, headed by Martin Hughes, three of them are 13” with the stroke oar 12”6’, they are hollow shafted with hard wood handle.  The trailer is a double trailer with a launching dolly sitting atop the road trailer, it was supplied by Ashton Marine Services of Glasgow and built be Mersea Trailers of Essex.

Apollo was commissioned for an expedition up the West Coast of Scotland which took place in June 2019.  11 friends, all commissioned into the Scots Guards within 18 months in the late 1980s, decided to row over 100Nm from Cour on the East side of the Kintyre Peninsula to Roshven House at the Southern entrance to Loch Ailort.  The row was to commemorate the life of a 17 year old boy who died of heart failure on Boxing Day in 2017, his father and two of his Godfathers were in the boat.  The boy, Christian, was a passionate boxer and the trip was also to raise funds to build a boxing gym in a very deprived area of the East Midlands, the idea of the gym being to get rudderless young men and women off the streets, to give them self respect and discipline and give them a better chance at life.

The trip took six days with each leg being about 19Nm, the party camped on the foreshore each night and faced the full gamut of Scottish weather from stunning sunshine to gale force Northerlies.

Day 1 was from Cour up Kilbrannan Sound and lower Loch Fyne to just south of Ardishaig

Day 2 went through the Crinan Canal, into the Sound Of Jura, through the Dorus Mor and up the Sound Of Shuna to Ardinamar on the NE corner of Luing

Day 3 went through Cuan and Easdale Sounds into the Firth Of Lorn and up to Duart Castle on Mull

Day 4 went up the Sound Of Mull to Mingary Castle on the Ardnamurchan Peninsula

Day 5 went around Ardnamurchan Point and onto Tioram Castle in Loch Moidart

Day 6 went from Loch Moidart to Roshven

In the event it wasn’t possible to get up the Sound Of Mull and around Ardnamurchan Point because of a NW Gale which was impossible to row into, instead the boat was put onto its trailer and taken to Strontian at the East end of Loch Sunart.  The length of Loch Sunart to Mingary was then rowed twice over two days to achieve the same mileage as the original plan, the boat was then trailered to Loch Moidart for the final day.

The trip was successful and was finished in the only 10 minutes of rain of the entire week, the boat proved incredibly seaworthy and took on no water when the support motor yacht (a decommissioned Tyne Class lifeboat) was taking solid water over the superstructure.  Sadly Apollo is now up for sale because the team just will not use her enough to justify keeping her and they would much rather see her used to give others joy.

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