Entries Now Please for Castle to Crane 21 September 2019

Entries are hotting up for Scotland’s biggest open water Rowing Race: Castle to Crane. The race takes place on the River Clyde between Dumbarton Castle and Finnieston Crane, Glasgow, on 21 September 2019.

Glasgow Coastal Rowing Club who will be welcoming the skiffs up their slipway at the end have just entered two skiffs. Strangford have become the first Irish entry for the 2019 Race. We have interesting entries from England with Solent Galleys as well as Pilot Gigs taking part. In Scotland the largest entries so far seem to be coming from the North East, with every club on the Black Isle represted already. RowFlo make up the Western Isles contingent at the moment, but hopefully with more to come. Prominent among the small boat entries are two Teifi Skiffs both rowed as coxed double sculls.

So don’t miss out whatever you do. The race is filling up fast, and we have an upper limit which may be reached before the scheduled last date for entries. Bring along your viking boat, Birlinn, Celtic Long Boat, ICRF One Design, Shetland Yoal, Hanningfield Skiff, St Ayles Skiff, CPG, Currach…. or whatever you have so long as your row it fixed seat, it has at least four oars and cox doing the steering . But you need to get your entry in!

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