NEW: SCRA Rules of Racing 2020 Edition

SCRA committee have approved two changes to the Rules of Racing, and have reissued them as The SCRA Rules of Racing 2020 Edition. The new rules will take effect from 7 October 2019.

There are two changes from the 2017 Edition. Firstly the rules applicable to turning at multi lane events have been clarified at 8.5.2 by deleting the suggestion that  “….boats approaching their turn shall give way to those coming out of their turn……”, and reminding crews instead that all crews should stay in their lane throughout the race, and in particular must stay in their lane in the vicinity of the turn. This will hopefully prevent crews from either swinging wide on the way into a turn, or leaving the buoy before turning the full 180. Remember…… tight turns.

Secondly we have always stated in response to queries that crews racing in finals should be the same as crews racing in heats. Rule 5.1 is now amended to express that “Crew members must not be changed between heats and finals without the express, advance permission of the chief umpire.” There must be good reason for a change to be approved.

Finally by way of reminder, we have previously issued Safety notice 3, with regard to racing incidents. Everyone should please remember that instructions of umpires must be complied with. Umpires are all volunteers, must be respected and must never, ever be the subject of abuse.

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