Queensferry Youth Regatta 2019: RESULTS

Queensferry were delighted to be holding their Youth Regatta as part of the SCRA Youth Series . Our Forth Bridges correspondent writes:

40/50 teenagers ,all to be organised into crews and reach their correct skiff in time to do the ‘long row’ to the start line !! It could have been a headache ,but it wasn’t ,it worked . This was managed very well with great humour by the adult helpers from each club. The teenagers themselves were very good at suddenly making up crews for an empty skiff ,while we had changeovers at the pontoon and not a problem to them ,that they had just come off a row, so coxes suddenly found themselves going straight back out!! 

There were seven clubs at the regatta –Strangford with 10 rowers drove from N Ireland and arrived late Friday evening. One of their rowers reported “it took six and a half hours but  we were so excited” !! They had the use of Ferry Lass from Queensferry. Killyleagh with 8 rowers flew over and also arrived late Friday evening. They all ‘bedded”  down on mats and sleeping bags with their Strangford friends ,in the Scout Hall at Port Edgar Marina !! Oh the joys!! Killyleagh had the use of Steedie Falconer from Eskmuthe towed up to us during the week.

Deveron from the North came with two rowers Jessica & Connor ,and they had the use of Ferry Sonnet from N Queensferry ,but they also spent the day in and out of other boats! We also had Elie with  Archie and 7 rowers. Foccrs with  Saltire and 6 rower.s Eastern came with Skelf and a good number of girls and less boys ,so this complemented Queensferry as we had 7 rowers but only one girl.

The day started with magnificent sunshine and flat calm seas and stayed this way all day ,how good is that!! The races started just west of the Hawes Pier and finished through the Road bridge – 1 K no buoy turns ,just a big blast to the finish line ! The row to the start of the races gave these youngsters a great opportunity to sight see. They marvelled at the bridges. There was a magnificent cruise ship just east of the railbridge and tenders ferrying the passengers back and forward. Overheard from a crew member “ this is great ,I have never rowed under  anything before”.

All our skiffs were complemented by John  Howell on our starter boat .Everyone took heed of the ‘restricted area ‘ to allow all this marine traffic to carry on their business as normal.Forth Belle was doing her Bridges tours and picked up passengers at the pontoon where we were all gathered.  These tourists were enthralled at what the youngsters were taking part in  and asked lots of questions.  The racing made great spectator viewing. There was plenty of cheering and support as the finish line was just below us. Resident commentator Donna was complemented on her continuous information and encouragement . There were lots of close finishes ,and a couple of clear winners .Good timings all day .Special admiration was given to the two youngest competitors of the day Oscar from Eastern aged 12 and Lucy  from Killyleagh, also aged 12 . There were wins for Queensferry, Eastern, Elie and Foccrs.  Eastern boat also won the last race – the Pick n Mix where all boats had a mix of all club rowers.  The results board tells the strory, although there was drama such as Boys Under 19 where Queensferry and Foccrs were ‘neck and neck ‘ heading to the finish line ,when the footstrap   snapped in 2 position on Queensferry boat ,knocking the boy off his seat and the oar went out of control . A great but difficult recovery ,saw the crew trying to make it through to a medal position ,but being pipped by Killleagh ,Elie and Eastern.

We finished the day with a very welcome BBQ ,and a medal should be given to Joshua for eating the most burgers ,I believe . Our Irish friends were seen off on Sunday morning with a hearty breakfast of bacon rolls in the shed, many thanks to Peter Locke.
Great photos on the Queensferry Flikr Page.

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