SCRA Freshwater Sprints sponsored by Scotia Seeds

We are delighted that Scotia Seeds, suppliers of Scottish Wildflower seed packets and meadow mixtures are sponsoring the SCRA Freshwater Sprints in 2019. Read about them and about the racing in the SCRA Freshwater Sprints 2019 Notice of Race.

Racing will be under the NEW SCRA Rules of Racing 2020…. please be aware of the changes, particularly with regard to clarifying that crews must not stray out of their lane coming in to or going out of the turn.

The Racing is once again in Regional Teams, rather than in Clubs. Regional captains have been appointed, as set out in the notice of race. They will be in touch with clubs to recruit teams. It is hoped that at least a couple of representatives from every club will be in a regional team….. so that they can be present to represent their club at the AGM which follows on when the racing finishes.

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