2019 SCRA Club Survey – Action Please

SCRA are trying to gather a bit of information about those who are using St Ayles skiffs, in order that we can work out how the Association can best serve them, and so that we can use the aggregated information to make representations to outside bodies, who may not be aware of the size and nature of what we do.  

A survey is being sent out to club contacts that we hold, and we would be very grateful if those running their club can take a few minutes to complete the survey and submit it.  It is probably worth having a click through it first, as there are some questions on it that might take a bit of digging.  For instance we are trying to get an idea of age and gender of coastal rowers, so it is helpful if clubs can let us know the age and gender breakdown of their memberships.  We only want one return from each club please, so would be grateful if each club committee can ensure that one person is detailed to deal with this matter.

We would be very grateful if clubs could respond to the survey within two weeks if at all possible.  We will also endeavour to share useful information coming out of the survey in advance of the 2019 SCRA AGM, which will be held on 26 October.

If you are part of a group that feels they should have received a link to the survey but has not please contact Anna MacKenzie:  annaemackenzie@gmail.com

Many thanks in anticipation.

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