2019 SCRA AGM – New Constitution and Internationalism

Thank you too all the clubs who attended or unfortunately had to send their apologies to the SCRA AGM. Full minutes will be available in due course, but we know that many will be anxious to know the outcome of a couple of important matters that were put before the meeting for approval.

New Constitution and Conversion to a SCIO: the meeting approved unanimously the concept of converting SCRA from being a membership “Association” made up of member clubs, to being an Incorporated Organisation governed by a new constitution. The full text of the resolution was as follows:

“That, given the advantages associated, the Scottish Coastal Rowing Association (SCRA) should seek to become a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO), and:

  1. that the SCRA Committee be given authority on behalf of the members to agree on any necessary changes to the attached draft Constitution to achieve SCIO status, or any minor changes, without
    further reference to members; and
  2. that on SCIO status being approved by the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) and the new SCIO being entered into the Scottish Charity Register:
    a. all members of the SCRA be deemed to become members of the new SCIO until such time as the next membership renewal is due;
    b. all assets and/or rights in the ownership or custodianship of the SCRA be transferred to the new SCIO; and
    c. the SCRA Committee members who sign the charity trustee declaration forms which accompany the SCIO application be deemed to have been appointed by the members as board members of the new SCIO until the first AGM following incorporation.

The SCRA will now engage with the Charity regulator to put this resolution into effect. Thank you to the SCRA Governance Group who have put so much effort into this important matter.

Formation of a new International Class Association. The SCRA committee wishes to move forward with other National Class associations to form a new international class association, St Ayles Skiff International. At the moment SCRA is the world wide class association for the St Ayles skiff, and so Skiffieworlds has been held under SCRA auspices to date, and the measurement rules are looked after by the SCRA, all be it with international consultation. At the AGM the following resolution was passed : “To authorise the committee to transfer the rights and responsibilities of the SCRA/ SCR SCIO in respect of being the International Class Association of the St Ayles skiff to St Ayles Skiff International.” The committee will now work towards that objective.

Irish, Australians, Scotch and Dutch will all be working together to Establish St Ayles Skiff International

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