SCRA Freshwater Sprints 2019 Sponsored by Scotia Seeds

Thank you to Scotia Seeds (Wildflowers of Scotland) for their kind sponsorship of the Freshwater Sprints 2019. You helped make a great community gathering possible.

Loch Tummel Sailing Club and SCRA Freshwater Sprint Course: pic Alan from Boatie Blest/ SCRA Facebook Group

The freshwater spints are the end of season celebration regatta for Scottish Coastal Rowing. The event is held at Loch Tummel, as a warm up for the SCRA AGM which follows on after the racing. The representatives of the forty or so rowing clubs present were arranged into six teams: South West, North West, St Kilda, North East, Fife and South East. The racing is on a sprint course, starting on a line to the East of Loch Tummel sailing club, racing down to a line of turning marks to the west, before a 180 degree turn and heading back to the finish line, which is about half way back to the start. Conditions were excellent for racing if a little bit chilly. At the start of the regatta the water was absolutely still, but the thermometers were showing minus three degrees. The temperature did climb slowly during the day, as did the breeze. As ever with these championships, Perthshire’s Autumn colours gave a fantastic backdrop.

Freshwater Sprints – pic An Eathar
Returning from the Finish. Pic An Eathar

Fife and North East exchanged victories in the early races, with South West and South East chipping in the occasional win. However as the day drew on North East continued to rack up the points and pulled away to retain the trophy which they have won for three of the last four years. The results sheet can be downloaded here.

  • 1st North East –
  • 2nd South East
  • 3rd Fife
  • 4th South West
  • 5th North and West
  • 6th St Kilda
Pic: Florence Royer, SCRA Facebook Group
Everyone got gold at the Freshwater Sprints – pic An Eathar

In addition to St Ayles racing, SCRA holds its Picnic Class races at the Freshwaters. Hana Werner of Isle of Mull (North West) won the women’s picnic event in Swona, a Clint Chase Caravelle. The Men’s race was won by Andres Leslie of RowPorty (South East) in his Drake 17 “Pasqual”. The magnificent Picnic Class Trophy Basket is awarded to the best performance accross the two races, and was shared this year between “Pasqual” and “15”, a Royal West Sixteen from the South West. It was great to welcome a new boat to the picnic fleet, built specifically to the rule. Stuart Clachan had done a very neat and beautiful job building “Salty Rocket” to his own design. He launched her for the fist time on the evening before the racing.

Picnic Class Racing, Freshwater Sprints 2019. picnic pic An Eathar

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