SCRA Green Flag for Wormit

We would like to celebrate Wormit’s efforts to clean up the environment in the Tay estuary over the last year with an award of an SCRA Green Flag.

Wormit are a club that loves picnics and arrange picnic excursions at every opportunity. It was during one of these excursions that they found a lot of litter on one of the stony beaches up river from the club beyond Balmerino. This consisted of plastics that had been washed downriver and deposited and also cans and glass bottles left by campers. Luckily the crew had some spare bags with them and collected the litter taking it back to the club house for disposal. Now the club take black plastic bags on all excursion rows and also remove floating plastic rubbish from the river ( very good practice for manoeuvrability)! 

The photos show various club members collecting rubbish at Flisk point up river from Balmerino and Lucky Scalp ( the Island off Tayport sands towards the estuary mouth). There are also photos of members participating in a Marine Conservation Society beach clean ( we collected 67 Kg rubbish)and other members have helped with a beach clean at Balmerino  over the summer.

Many rowing members have been involved in litter collection and continue to be so. Thank you to Wormit Boating Club and congratulations on your Green Flag award from the SCRA. We are sorry that in the flurry of excitement we omitted to announce this particular green flag award at the 2019 AGM.

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