Congratulations to SCRA Cruising Log Winners 2019

SCRA had three excellent entries for the annual cruising log competition. The three described different sorts of voyages that are possible in St Ayles Skiffs. Please do the clubs concerned the honour of reading each of them! SCRA organises the competition to help inspire others, as well as making everyone aware of what our clubs are up to, and what lessons can be learned from their adventures.

Eastern ARC’s “F120 – the First Attempt” entry describes a one day voyage, but a long one, in an underused cruising area familiar many SCRA clubs. Their voyage round the Firth of Forth was broken down into three legs: North Berwick to Elie, Elie to Kinghorn, Kinghorn to Inchkeith, and Inchkeith to Portobello. The club has a fundamental aim ‘to promote exploration and adventure through rowing expeditions and travels’ . They hope to use this voyage as a stepping stone to devolping a permanatnet challenge curcuit for human powered navigation around the Firth of Forth, to be called the F120. Read Eastern’s log for more information.

An Eathar’s “Feàrlagean Na Fairge” describes a voyage on the West Coast of Lewis. The fleet for the cruise consisted of 4 St Ayles skiffs, a drake and a Sgoth Niseach, with representatives from several different clubs and continents. The descriptions are lovely, and as you would expect now from An Eathar, the photography is absolutely stunning. Read the full log on this link to another post on this site by clicking on this link.

Western Isles. Photo An Eathar.

The 2019 Winners of the SCRA Cruising Log were SCRA’s member club from the Netherlands, Woudrichem. Their voyage was a seven day long adventure on one of Europe’s Great Rivers, rowing from Passau to Vienna in one of their St Ayles Skiffs. The voyage was dedicated to the memory of one of their members who had passed away. Read the full account on the earlier post.

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