RowAround Scotland 2020

Some of the ‘pilots’ of the individual sections of the RowAround Scotland 2020 at Loch Tummel after the SCRA Freshwater Sprints.

Robbie, Sue, Kate, Matt, Topher, Alan, Wendy and Lindsay are pictured after the award of medals for the Sprints

A further nine RowAround planners from all over Scotland joined us for a meeting on the Sunday morning after the Sprints to discuss the project and begin passage planning for this ambitious circumnavigation.

The section leaders will be contacting clubs with a draft passage plan for their part of the coast. It is hoped that every one of the SCRA clubs will take part for at least one part of coast. The adventure begins on 4 April on the Solway, and the baton will complete it’s epic journey around the Scottish coast and across inland waters at Loch Tummel on 24 October. #ycw2020

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