Scottish Boat Rally at the Falkirk Wheel: 23-24 May 2020

A save the date post! SCRA clubs are once again invited to join in with a canal flotilla. The Scottish Boat Rally takes place at the Falkirk Wheel, and SCRA clubs will be encouraged to row either the Forth and Clyde Canal or the Union Canal as part of the event. The event is supported by Visit Scotland’ Year of Coasts and Waters. Register your club’s interest through the “Save the Date” Page. Please make sure that you state when registering interest that your club’s boat is a Coastal Rowing Boat. There will be a limit on the number of skiffs that can take part, and once again we are indebted to Dunbar Coastal Rowing Club members for being part of the organising committee.

Remember the amazing video of skiffs in the gondolas this year?

Pic at Canal Festival 2019 – Christine Mincher

The event will also count towards RowAround Scotland….. we are wanting skiffs to cover as much freshwater as they can, as well as rowing the salty RoundAbout Routes.

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