SCRA Safety Notice 4: Bullying

The SCRA committee have received 2 incident reports during 2019 describing behaviour which they consider amounts to bullying. Such behaviour is totally unacceptable in our sport which is generally recognised as being welcoming and accessible. We regret that this behaviour has taken place, but welcome that it has been recognised and called out. One of the incidents occurred at a regatta, and it may help to remind all rowers and clubs of the following rules of racing:
1. Guiding Principles

1.1 Racing in events held under the rules of the Scottish Coastal Rowing Association is to be fair, safe, and enjoyable for all.

1.2 All participants are to show respect for each other and for officials at all times.

6.1 All participants must respect and honour the officials, who are essential for safe and fair competition.

Reference to a previous safety notice, may also give guidance: 

It is for each club to decide who represents them at events. Clubs therefore need to take responsibility for the behaviour of their members, and discipline or suspend them from partaking in activities if they are unable to do so in a way that does not put others at risk of harm. Please continue to raise issues by completing an SCRA Incident Report form if you have a concern. The club involved in the above incident are rightly very concerned by their crew’s actions and behaviours during and after the race The relevant members of that crew have been sanctioned by the Club and warned that their behaviour will continue to be scrutinised internally and externally. The club is running workshops to emphasise to their crews the message of friendly competition.

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