SCRA Sustainability Policy 2020

The Scottish Coastal Rowing Association has developed the following environmental policy and will undertake to ensure that all member clubs are aware of that policy and are committed to promoting practices within rowing that are environmentally sustainable. Coastal Rowing is in itself an environmentally friendly activity. The following wording was approved at the meeting of SCRA committee in November 2019.

* SCRA undertakes to comply with all applicable environmental legislation.
* Risks to the environment posed by SCRA and club organised events should be identified and minimised
* Escort boats should be used effectively and efficiently and maintained well to reduce emissions and pollution.
*Skiffs should be thoroughly cleaned when travelling to and from new bodies of water to prevent the accidental introduction of invasive species 
* SCRA pledges to reduce, reuse or recycle waste and dispose of waste responsibly. As far as possible single use plastics should be eliminated from our activities.
* SCRA will respect local communities and the sea, and leave no visible or lasting evidence of the skiffs’ presence. Participants are encouraged to leave the marine and coastal environment in a better condition than they find it (eg by particpating in beach cleans)
* SCRA will continue to promote its Green Flag Award to both encourage and reward good environmental practice in clubs.
*SCRA will purchase locally for events wherever possible, including food and drink, and encourages member clubs and other partners to do likewise.

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