Celebrating Community Spirit with RowAround Scotland 2020

We are all looking forward to our community effort to row all the way around Scotland during 2020 to celebrate 10 Years of the Scottish Coastal Rowing Association. The project is supported by Scotland’s Year of Coasts and Waters. Two beautiful batons have been created to pass travel round with the rowers, and have recently been named as “Community” and “Spirit”.

Thanks to all those who contributed ideas for names for the two batons – almost 80 pairs of names were suggested. But the committee felt that ‘Community’ and ‘Spirit’ was so appropriate for this particular ambitious endeavour, and indeed, to the whole of the Scottish Coastal Rowing project. We hope that you agree!

Sue Fenton, Event Director, RowAround Scotland

The initial idea of design and a hybrid of material for the baton of wood / resin with a model encased within came from Richard Wemyss.

Shona Muirhead of the SCRA committee explains “The batons are made in sections, the first being the blue and white resin mix to form the sea. The pewter skiff was cast and placed in the centre and encased in clear resin. The batons were then handed over to Colin Muirhead who added on the sections of black walnut and oak which were to be the handle sections. The parts were assembled together and turned on a lathe to give to the finished shape which was then all polished before being passed over to BlackRoseDesigns who laser engraved the names onto the batons.”

SCRA and RowAround Scotland logos were added on the ends of the baton to complete the craftwork. We think they are beautiful, and are sure that rowers will be very proud as they hand them from club to club, skiff to skiff, community to community in RowAround Scotland 2020. Thank you to all involved in creating and naming batons “Community” and “Spirit”.

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