In Praise of Club Regattas

Scottish Coastal Rowing Regattas are fun and sociable, and we would love to see more rowers being able to enjoy competitive events in our sport. It is not the be all and end all of course, and social rows (including massive ones going all the way round Scotland) are great and bring much enjoyment. However club regattas are the glue that holds our large community together, they are where we meet and learn from folk in other clubs, they are where many members of our own club can travel together, watch and cheer on each other, they are where we can play host to friends old and new, they are where we can find out how effective we are at moving our boats through the water, they are where we can have fun, where we test ourselves, where we reinforce the importance of working together, and where we can show off our sport to others.

Turning Buoy at Port Seton Boatie Blest Regatta

We are all in favour of regattas and would like to encourage more clubs to organise them, more club members to be involved in running them, and would like to help improve the quality of all the regattas that are already on the circuit. For all these reasons SCRA is organising a Regatta Organisers Course on 7 and 8 March 2020 in Kinghorn, Fife, and you are warmly invited to attend. There is plenty to learn from the experienced regatta organisers that will be there, and you can be sure they will be learning from each other and sharing in the enthusiasm.

Events do not need to be on the scale of Skiffieworlds or Castle to Crane. The first ever St Ayles Skiff regatta featured six boats and was a huge success. A very well appreciated event can be organised using only 2 or 3 boats. So do please give it a go, get a date in the diary and invite other clubs along. See the previous post for details of how to sign up for the Regatta Organisers Course.

Umpires Having a Laugh
Finish Line in Dumfries
Communities Together at Portsoy
Shieldaig Regatta
Seil Regatta: Remember to Share your Results
Eskmuthe Regatta
Eskmuthe Regatta Start Line

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