The Fixed Seat Conference

Representatives from a variety of bodies from around Great Britain and Ireland with a passion for coastal rowing in fixed seat boats, had a very welcoming and productive meeting in Greenock at The Fixed Seat Conference on 8th and 9th February 2020. We looked at ways in which we could learn from each other’s experiences and share that experience within our own organisations.

Fixed Seat Organisations Brought Together

We discussed safety matters including recent incident reports. We had group discussions about rules of racing, competition frameworks, technique (including why there may be differences in techniques depending on the characteristics of the different boats that we use) and how to balance the competitive and the social demands of our sport.

It was a very worthwhile session and we can each take back to our own organisations how much we have in common, including the challenges that face us.

All those present were representatives of bodies which, amongst other things, act as Class associations for at least one class of rowing boat (as SCRA does for the St Ayles skiff). The Fixed Seat Conference has been asked to develop a handicap system to be applied when boats of these various classes happen to be racing in the same race. We were unable to complete that work and develop a “Greenock Yardstick”, but will hope to work towards that in the future. We will follow up this post with a note about the various class associations which we now recognise.

The Fixed Seat Conference will meet again before the end of the year. If you represent a class association for a fixed seat class that has not yet been invited, please contact the secretary of the Scottish Coastal Rowing Association.

Thanks go to Royal West of Scotland Amateur Boat Club for their kind hospitality, and to all the attendees, some of whom had fairly difficult travel over fair distances in difficult weather conditions.

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