Scottish Coastal Rowing and Covid 19: March 2020

The situation with regard to coronavirus is changing dramatically and quickly. Any advice from SCRA committee could become out of date very quickly. This post reflects the position at 16 March 2020. In deciding what to do in response to the pandemic, rowing clubs and individuals should follow the regularly updated advice of:

NHS Scotland “inform”

UK Government

The only SCRA organised event coming up is RowAround Scotland. We are going to have to adapt that to the current situation. Please stand by for further announcements with regard to that.

Clubs will need to review their own activities to minimise or eliminate risks to them, their members, and their wider community. Keeping some form of activity going, can of course bring enormous benefits to physical and mental health, even if the activity organised does not involve direct social contact.

It is hard to see how a regatta could still go ahead in line with the government advice at 16 March. It is not known how long the restrictions will apply, and the situation may improve before any of our scheduled club events take place. If clubs choose to cancel or postpone events, please ensure that a message is sent to SCRA, so that the events 2020 calendar can be updated.

Please do continue to do great things for your communities. Please also keep in touch with the wider coastal rowing community through the SCRA Facebook Group…. a welcome distraction in difficult times.

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