SCRA – “Kindness Matters”

We all agree that rowing is good for our mental health. The sense of openness and being at one with the elements, the chance to be with other like-minded people and the buzz of physical exercise, are all things that have a positive impact on our wellbeing. Many people gravitate towards rowing clubs to capture those feelings, to feel a sense of belonging, for friendships and laughs. So, being without that for the last couple of months has no doubt taken its toll on a few of us.

Today marks the start of Mental Health Awareness Week and the theme running through this is “Kindness Matters”. The level of kindness we have in our coastal rowing community is something to be truly proud of. So, if you aren’t already doing so, how about marking this week by checking in on your fellow club members and letting them you know you care? Or sharing stories, photographs etc that help remind people about all the adventures you’ve had together – and will continue to have in the near future? Whatever you do, it will matter to someone.

Stay strong, look after yourselves and each other and don’t be afraid to ask for help, nor to offer it.

For further information and support, please check out the following:

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