Care for the Environment while staying COVID safe

SCRA guidance on returning to rowing on the sea does call for cleaning of equipment between crews. RYA Scotland have commented on cleaning and the need to take care of the environment in their “Return to Boating ” documentation post Covid. They write:

“We recommend you carry and use hand sanitiser which should be at least 60% alcohol based. Detergent wipes need to be appropriate for the surface they are being used on. Cleaning products should conform to EN14476 standard or any detergent will need to be followed by chlorine releasing agent. However, be wary of cleaning requirements for specialist boating equipment such as life jackets and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.”

“Be mindful of our fragile marine environment, do not release bleach products into the water and dispose of used wipes, gloves and masks responsibly. In addition, it may be worthwhile looking at best practice for general cleaning of equipment via – The Green Blue.”

The Green Blue comments include: “For more stubborn marks on deck, for sanitation or personal hygiene always choose more environmentally sensitive products. Avoid chlorine and bleach which are toxic to flora and fauna, and phosphates which encourage algal growth. Explore the Green Blue Business Directory for eco-friendly cleaning products. Watch out for products that have ‘polyethelene’ in the ingredients list, this means it contains microplastics. These smaller bits of plastic can be more readily ingested by wildlife and enter food chains.”

Let’s always try to leave our environment better than we find it. Scottish Coastal Rowing Association is the Scottish Governing Body for Fixed Seat Rowing.

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