FAQ C2C: “Does Winning Matter?”

A: No not really. The crews that win in your category in Castle to Crane 5 miles from home will probably be pulling very hard. They will probably also have the advantage of smoother water and perhaps more time on the water before the event. Many crews will feel, from a Covid point of view, that they do not wish to over exert themselves. We would like Castle to Crane to be the Biggest “on the water” rowing event in the UK since the start of spring 2020. It is not the winning crews that will achieve that, it is the rest of us! If ever there was an event where taking part is more important than performance it is this one. Get your clubs name on the results, and remember that Castle to Cranes premier cup is the Median Trophy, awarded to the crew with the most average performance.

Collieston: Median Trophy Winners 2018

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