SCRA Covid 19 Update – 10 September 2020

At this week’s Scottish Government briefing (10th Sep), some slight changes to the guidance for were made, namely, the restriction of “social gatherings” to 6 individuals from 2 households. However, the guidance for meeting outdoors for the purposes of exercise or activity continues to permit meeting 5 individuals from up to 4 other households. Organised, contact- sport outdoors also remains unchanged. ‘Field of play bubbles’ (ie a rowing crew) are permitted for the purpose and duration of that sporting activity.

All other safety and hygiene measures should still be adhered to, as per your individual club’s risk assessment and in compliance with any measures set out by your club’s Covid 19 Officer.“Where contact sport is permitted, Sports can use a ‘field bubble’ where physical contact is allowed on the field of play when the activity is taking place. Outwith the ‘field bubble’, people should abide by the guidance on physical distancing as outlined above”. (Scottish Government 10th Sep 2020). The only new consideration would be to encourage crews to disperse on completion of the activity, rather than hanging around in a way which could transcend into a social gathering.

Stay safe and please share your own “return to rowing” stories so that we can all learn from them. Refer to the SCRA Covid Hub for more help and information.

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