Ton Up Entries for Castle to Crane Five Miles From Home

SCRA are delighted to have received over 100 entries for Castle to Crane this year. When entries close tonight participating crews will be sent the results form, which they will complete with a screenshot of a timing app to show the course they completed and the time they took. We believe the 120 or so crews already signed up make Castle to Crane the largest rowing event to have taken place in the UK since at least March. The full list of entries will be published on Tuesday.

There is a very diverse field including Spanish, Irish and Dutch classes, as well as Thames skiffs and Venitian style boats whose home waters are a bit flatter than what we can expect normally at the start of Castle to Crane. As everyone would expect there are a fair number of entries from Scottish Clubs rowing St Ayles Skiffs. We appreciate that quite a few clubs are preferring to take a slow and cautious approach to returning to the water, but it is great to see that Annan, St Andrews, Prestwick, Nairn, Royal West, Newhaven, Wormit, Ullapool, RowFlo (from Lewis), Troon, Avoch, Isle of Seil, Loch Broom Sailing Club, Chanonry Sailing Club, Kinghorn, RowPorty and Burghead have entered…. many of these clubs have never missed a Castle to Crane race. There is a more international St Ayles fleet than we might be used to with entries from Northern Ireland (Sketrick), England (Blakeney), Netherlands (Woudrichem, Z&MV De Zuidwal ) and Australia (Mordy Skiff of Melbourne, and Living Boat Trust from Tasmania).

If, for whatever reason, crews are unable to get on the water in their boats, they are encouraged to undertake the “alternative challenge” instead, which is to run, wheel, walk or kayak 5 miles. The results will be recorded in the same way, with just one time submitted for each crew. As with all parts of the event, crews must abide by any local Covid restrictions that apply to them.

Give the Castle to Crane Facebook Page a like, to be kept up to date with information as the event progresses. Put your entry in by 1800 BST on 14 September by clicking here.

St Ayles Skiffs in the Castle to Crane Fleet

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