Castle to Crane: Five Miles from Home 2020 Results

A fantastic effort by all involved in Castle to Crane this year. We all missed being on the Clyde, with great hosts in Dumbarton and Glasgow. However opening the race up to anyone to post a time from their home waters meant that we could have a far bigger entry (we estimate 680 athletes took part in our race this year) and we were able to be joined from clubs much further away. We welcomed entries from distant waters like Tasmania and Cornwall. We also had a more diverse fleet with smaller boats able to take part where they might not normally be able to deal with the conditions on the lower Clyde, as well as bigger boats with crews of up to 13, which are a bit tricky to transport from mainland Europe to the Clyde. We hope that everyone enjoyed the event and will keep in touch and hopefully join us on the Clyde in the future.

The Castle to Crane Course usually goes from Dumbarton Castle at the mouth of the River Leven, up to the Finnieston Crane in Glasgow. In normal years it is part of the Clydebuilt Festival, held under the auspices of The Tall Ship at the Riverside Museum in Glasgow.

Everyone was a winner obviously, by being able to take part. However, you probably want to pore over the results, and join us in congratulating the winners of castle to Crane’s Median Trophy 2020……… Burghead Coastal Rowing Club, in their St Ayles Skiff “Tarbh Uisge” – Gaelic for water bull.

Burghead : Winners of the Castle to Crane Median Trophy 2020

Congratulations to them. They represent the whole fleet in taking that award.

We have applied a “corrected time” style handicap to boat classes (“the Greenock Yardstick”) to allow us to compare effort between classes. If ever there was a race where it is about taking part, rather than winning, it is this one! Many clubs are deliberately not expending maximum effort, as a precaution against Covid; rowers are racing in very different conditions (although thankfully everyone had fairly reasonable conditions at some time over the race window). However, we are all happy for those who attained fastest in class and category, and are sure they will be appreciative and respectful of all those that they placed above.

The corrected times can be viewed by clicking here:

Castle to Crane 2020 Results
(with times adjusted for boat class handicap)

Remember that those times are not corrected for gender and age, so where a men’s crew has gone faster than a women’s crew it should not be assumed that they have given a better performance. For those who want to view the data before handicaps are applied … they can peruse this spreadsheet here.

Dutch Club Ferox Taking Part in Castle to Crane from their home waters
Avoch Coastal Rowing Club pleased to be back on the water and taking part in Castle to Crane

City Barge Boat Club from Oxford stood up to row in Castle to Crane 2020

Castle to Crane 2020 was organised by Scottish Coastal Rowing Association, the Scottish Governing Body of Sport for Fixed Seat Rowing.

It is great to be back!

Not everyone was able to get on the water on a rowing boat, due to lack of boats, or local covid restrictions etc. We therefore welcomed those people to take part in the challenge by alternative means. Therefore here is a final spreadsheet showing times for those who took part by walking, SUP, canoe and kayak. Thank you to all who took part. Certificates are being prepared and will be with you in due course.

Team Paardekreek from the Netherlands…. pulling hard
Sidmouth in their Cornish Pilot Gig

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