The Scottish Coastal Rowing Association

AOCB at the AGM

A little while ago, Ally Johnstone (Capt. Queensferry) contacted me with some suggestions for AOCB items.

Thinking that it would be handy for us all to think about them a little in advance, I asked Ally if she’d be willing to summarise the matters that her Club wished her to raise. And so she did – the three issues are set out below:

1.    Regionalisation 

Understandable given the rapid rise in clubs round our coast but there are concerns that we lose the Scottish skiffing spirit by making these larger events qualification only – admittedly very difficult to see an alternative.

North and South Queensferry would be in different regions but, this year we undertook a joint regatta – presumably there would be no constraints over such events under regionalisation?

Qualification for Worlds – if Scottish clubs are to qualify due to space constraints, how will international entries be curtailed where there is no governing body?  It would be disappointing to see Scottish entries reduced with no limits on international entries.

2.    World’s Update and Planning

Would be useful to have an indication on how regionalisation will feed into this and a general update on thoughts around the event.

3.    Training

We are aware of a few clubs, ourselves included, having devised basic competency levels for crew and coxes with training to support the levels.  We are very much finding our feet through this but feel we have come up with something sensible that fits the clubs needs.  This was only possible due to the amount of sailing experience and boat ownership amongst the founder members of the club.

We are now in a position where the majority of members have no nautical experience and we are endeavouring to encourage these members to learn through the competency levels and training sessions we arrange for them. Most of which are based on RYA advice but tailored to suit skiffing.

This will be a growing problem as the sport continues to grow and it would be good to know of any plans by the SCRA to initiate top down guidelines for clubs.


Many thanks, Ally and Queensferry!