Build Instructions

Below is a flow chart of how to build your St Ayles Skiff.  Click on item on the right to see the PDF with the instructions for that stage. If you intend to race your skiff, please pay careful attention to the measurement rules, which are available by clicking on the documents tab above. If your skiff does not comply with the rules of measurement you may not be allowed to race.

If you find any of the instructions unclear, please get in contact with Alec Jordan to let him know – you can be pretty sure that you won’t be the only one.


Parts Finder

Plank Lineup

Hull Plan

Standard Rudder Plan


Kit Description

Building Frame

Glue Frames

Mount Moulds

Laminate Stems

Mount Stems & Hog

Fairing Stems and Hog

Scarph Joints


Outer Stems and Keel


Seat Beams and Seats

Rouths and Kabes (Oarlocks)


Rudder (and cross section)

Stretchers/ Floorboards

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