Welcome Pack

A pack is being developed to pass to new groups when they pick up their St Ayles Skiff kits.  Most of the information will be to assist builders, and help them to catch up with the shared knowledge which is being gained from the builds that have gone before.  Those with boats already may want to consider the pack, and possibly take inspiration for any small changes while they are doing their maintenance.  Anyone with an update on what best building  practice should be should please e mail the SCRA secretary, so that knowledge can be shared.

The pack will include the measurement rules and, very importantly, builders should ensure that their skiff complies with these rules. However the purpose of the pack is to try to help everyone build the best possible skiff for their community to use within the agreed rules.

The “Oars ~ Notes and Plans” page on this tab will be part of the pack and will hopefully be of great benefit.  In addition you may find the following documents of assistance.  These documents will be edited from time to time:

Hulls:  Notes and Guidance

Oarlocks (aka Pins/ Gates/ Kabes)

Rudders and Rudder Cross Section

Seats, Floorboards, Footrests



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