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SCRA AGM Saturday 27th October 2018

Scottish Coastal Rowing Association AGM
27h October 2018
5.00 p.m. start (Coffee/tea & biccies available)

Location: Loch Tummel Sailing Club Clubhouse

1. Apologies
2. Minutes of Last Meeting (SCRA AGM 28th October 2017)
3. Matters Arising
4. Treasurer’s Report (TD)
5. Report on Junior Events (CH)
6. Convener’s Report (RW)
7. Election of Officers and Committee
8. Skiffieworlds 2019
9. Any Other Business

Election of Officers and Committee:
Nominations for Election to the Committee – Clubs are requested to submit any nominations for the Committee to the Secretary by the 12th October 2018.

Clubs are requested to submit agenda items to the Secretary by the 15th October under Any Other Business.

Submission of Cruising Log entries – these shall be submitted to the Secretary by the 15th October 2018.

Club Nomination for Green Flag Environmental Awards shall be submitted to the Secretary by the 15th October 2018.

Training Notice
There will be a Regatta Course Laying Course on Friday 26th October from 2pm until 4pm.
There will be an Umpiring Course held on Friday 26th from 4.30pm until 6.30pm.
Both the above events will take place at Loch Tummel Sailing Club.

The AGM is a meeting of clubs.
We can only guarantee space for two representatives per club.
Anyone speaking at the AGM is speaking on behalf of and as instructed by their clubs.
It is therefore helpful if clubs have discussed any of the issues that are going to arise in advance of the AGM.

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Castle to Crane Results 2018

Congratulations to everyone who completed Castle to Crane Race 2018.  The full results can be found by clicking on:

Castle to Crane 2018 Results

The individual winners were as follows:

Bonniest Boat:  St Maur, Fingal Rowing Club

Youth Trophy:  Atlantic Challenge in Ralph Bird

St Ayles, Mixed 50+ :  WSV Woudrichem,  Grut & Groot 3

St Ayles, Men 50+ :  Orkney Gold

St Ayles, Women 50+ :  St Ayles, Chris O’Kinnaird

St Ayles, Mixed Open :  St Ayles (Anstruther), “St Ayles”

St Ayles, Men Open: Eastern, Sprite

St Ayles, Women Open:  Boatie Blest

Double Scull / Randan*:  North Berwick, Flossie (Teifi Skiff)

Shetland Yole*:  Orkney, Frideray

4+ Oars General*:  Royal West of Scotland ABC, Najad (Jolly Boat)

Pilot Gig*:  Ralph Bird, Atlantic Challenge-Wales

*times adjusted for age and gender before awarding the prize

The premier prize at Castle to Crane is the Median Trophy, which is awarded to a crew that represents the whole fleet.  The winners of the Median Trophy finish in the middle of the fleet.  We are delighted to announce that the winners of the Median Trophy in 2018 are:

Collieston Offshore Rowing Club in Admiral Redsocks

We look forward to welcoming back clubs, and saying hello to new clubs at Castle to Crane in 2019.  The provisional date for the Clydebuilt Festival in 2018 is…….

21 and 22 September 2019


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Great River Race 2018 pictures

The Woudrichem Mens Open crew receive the Trophy for the Fastest St Ayles in the GRR from GRR organiser Stuart Wolff.

Anyone wanting Hi-Res copies of the following, please get in touch via


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Launch of Strathpeffer and District Skiff “Grebe” 15th September

SDCRC poster for Launch


Strathpeffer and District Community Rowing Club




The “Grebe” will be launched by Clan Chief Hector Munro of Foulis and Alpha Munro MBE


New members welcome – contact Secretary : Rod Richard :

or Treasurer : Bill Arthur :

More information on Strathpeffer & District Community Rowing Club website

We’ll be arranging some “Come & Try” sessions in due course as well as cox and crew training – a crew is 4 rowers and a cox – aged 15 +

Soon there will also be an online booking system and we’ll have a list of approved coxes – one will always have to be on the skiff

After the launch the Storehouse of Foulis stays open until 6 p.m. for refreshments

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Clydebuilt Sunday PhotoRow – 16 September

As a special treat this year, there is a chance to have a non-competitive row in company on the Sunday of the Clydebuilt Festival:  Welcome to the Clydebuilt Photo Competition Row. Your goal is to photograph each of 10 notable historic and cultural features visible from a boat on the Clyde. Crews will row to the designated sites and take a photograph to prove they did indeed visit the location. There will be prizes given to following categories of photograph:

  • Best overall photo (awarded on the basis of artistic and aesthetic quality)
  • Funniest photo
  • Best photograph of a fellow boat and crew
  • Best selfie (photograph must include at least part of the photographers face)
  • Best photograph of Clyde wildlife (Believe it or not, there is an abundance of wildlife along the Clyde)

Boats that are asked to Enter in Advance through the Clydebuilt Page  and we can then allocate some pontoon space to that boat at the end of Castle to Crane, and allow the crew to skip merrily away from the boat rather than having to lift it out.

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Great River Race Results 2018

Several St Ayles skiffs took part in the Great River Race, which is a 21.6 mile race on the River Thames through London.  Crews from CRA Blakeny, St Ayles of Anstruther, and Burghead were amongst the hardy finishers.

Special mention though must be made of the Skiffs from WSV Woudrichem, who once again proved that they are getting the very best out of their crews and their boats.  Woudrichem’s Men’s open crew came third overall on handicap, and were the fastest four oared boat.  Their Junior U18 crew racing in G&G1 came third overall in their category, after just over three hours racing.  Their Veteran women also came third in their category.  Excellent results, in an event where completion is itself a huge achievement.

The provisional results are found here:

We will post a link to the full results when they become available.

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Tasmanian Skiffie Adventure 2019 – Get Involved

Every two years since 2007, the Living Boat Trust in the small town of Franklin in southern Tasmania organises a fully supported small boat expedition timed to arrive in Hobart for the start of the Australian Wooden Boat Festival. The Tawenunnugah Raid is on again in 2019 (30 January to 8 February) and the LBT invites skiffies from all over the world to join them.

You don’t need to bring your own skiff – the LBT can source skiffs for a group or find places for rowers on a skiff with an experienced skipper. The Raid goes for 10-days but it is not an endurance event – you don’t have to row all the way unless you want to. Options offered include rowing only, sailing and rowing on a skiff with a sail or even sailing all the way on a whaleboat or another of the LBT’s fleet of small boats.

The organisers say the spirit of tawe nunnugah is all about good seamanship sailing or rowing in small open craft. Throughout the journey the fleet is accompanied by yachts and fast-response safety boats ready to stand-by, tow or assist if any of the fleet is in trouble.

The tn19 expedition is catered, with a chef and land-based support crew setting up the site to welcome the fleet after their day on the water. Tents and spare clothes are carried by truck so even if hit by a southerly squall everyone can get warm and dry. Each night shared experiences of the day are exaggerated over a hot meal and a convivial glass at spectacular campsites, many on private land and otherwise inaccessible.

Lunch and fresh coffee at Smokehouse Bay

Many skiffies from the UK participated in the Raid in 2017 and were a great addition to the fleet. The LBT hopes more will come in 2019. You might think it’s a long way to go for10 days on the water but there is more to it than just the 10-day tn19 expedition. The full program is:

29 January – Welcome Dinner at the Living Boat Trust

30 Jan to 8 February – 10-day tawe nunnugah tn19 Raid

8-11 February – Australian Wooden Boat Festival in Hobart, the largest wooden boat festival in the southern Hemisphere

11-14 February – 4-day Return Raid RR19 (Hobart to Franklin)

14-15 February – Franklin Homecoming Regatta including the 2019 Tasskiffie St Ayles Skiffs Championships (Tasmania)

If you want to learn more about it contact international St Ayles Skiff coach and tawe nunnugah regular, Ali Grant (

To join the tn19 Raid or Return Raid go to the LBT web-site and submit an Expression of Interest:

Sails are raised at Kaiarara Bay

Photos: Murdo Macleod

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Nairn Skiff Joins the Fleet on 22 September

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Rowers Rub – Comfort for Rowers

The manufacturers of Rowers Rub have very kindly sponsored prizes at the Castle to Crane Race this year.  We are told that Rowers Rub is the best natural solution to sores and abrasion on the skin from endurance and intense sport activity. It has been developed by a rower particularly for fixed set traditional rowers, and is an effective natural chemical free environmentally friendly product.

At the Castle to Crane race Rowers Rub will be selling merchandise at Riverside and are also supporting the event with a pilot gig entry,  and thus would like to make Skiffie clubs aware of Rowers Rub.  Why wait though?  If you are finding the odd sore bit or skin abrasion from your Castle to Crane training you might benefit from buying your rowers rub right now.  Leaping Fish are offering SCRA club members a 10% online discount by registering their club with them at .


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Support the Crews at Castle to Crane Race Dumbarton to Glasgow 15 September 2018


Castle to Crane Race is the biggest open water rowing race in Scotland.  Seventy Five crews will be battling it out on the 15th of September, starting from the mouth of the River Leven at Dumbarton Castle, and finishing at Finnieston Crane in Glasgow.  13 miles all together. Even if you are not lucky enough to be rowing the event, you can still be part of the day by watching and cheering on  the crews in their colourful range of coastal rowing boats.

There are plenty of places to see the event on the way.  If you fancy a bit of exercise too, a great way to support is by bicycle.  There is a fairly traffic free route all the way from start to finish, and you can join up all the best viewing points.  Bring your bike bell, to let the rowers know that you are there.  The following are good places to stop to see the race.  Although there may be some change in timings depending on shipping movements on the Clyde, the plan is to start the first crews at 11.15.  How fast they get up the river will depend on conditions, and of course how hard they pull.  

Dumbarton Castle and the park in front of it and facing over the Clyde is a great place to watch the crews rounding the first mark, and setting off upstream.  The castle itself is a very historic site, in an imposing situation.  The fortifications are 18th century and the main building is Georgian.  The park is open all the time, and the castle is open to visitors from 0930.  The cannons will be silent this year, but what a great place to view the crews from, while they still look fresh and eager.

The next great viewing place on the way up the River is the canal basin at Bowling.  There is a cafe, lots of interesting boats to see,  and there will be some canal activities put on by Scottish Canals. The crews will be 7km in…….  still fresh but would appreciate a wee bit of encouragement.   The first crews will be reaching this point at about 1145 noon, and the later crews should be through before 1230pm.  The cycle route follows the canal for the next few miles.

The next great viewing point is at the Clydebank Leisure Centre, where it is built on the old John Brown Shipyards, just upstream from the massive Titan Crane.  The racers are now 13km in and will be feeling it.  Some of them will have mistakenly looked at that massive crane and thought they had finished.  They are just over halfway.  They will really appreciate any noise you make……..  ring your bells, beep your car horns, holler or sing the full Proclaimers song sheet.  One way or the other let them know that they are loved, and doing a great thing. While you are here just think of how massive engineering used to go on by the River Clyde.  The first crews may start to get here from about 1215.  The later crews should be through by about 1pm.

Come into Yoker, and if you can find your way to the Renfrew Ferry you can cheer the crews on from the slipways on either side of the river, and you can even take the ferry across (pedestrians and bikes), hopefully dodging the competitors on the way.  A short distance upstream from the ferry on the South Bank is the Braehead Shopping Centre where you can get a view of the race fairly close up, and you can always nip into the shopping centre for a Nando’s or a go skiing.  Plenty of parking too.

Next up on the north side of the River is the Tall Ship, who along with Galgael are organising the Clydebuilt Festival for you.  There is a wee passenger ferry now running between Govan and the Tall Ship/ Riverside Museum.  There is of course a fantastic festival going on here all day, but if you are on the whole tour, hold your horses for a moment, and make your way up towards the finish area.  Last year some crews were a bit miffed that there was a smaller crowd to greet them than they had hoped when they powered over the line after 13 miles of hard rowing.  So lets all take a shift at cheering them on!  We will expect the first crews to reach the finish line, which is just at the STV building, across the river from the Finnieston Crane, at around 1.15pm.  There are two footbridges on this section that crews pass under, the Millenium Bridge at the Glasgow Science Centre, and the Bells Bridge at the SECC.  Crews will like nothing more than seeing your smiling face peering over the bridge, giving them the last spur of encouragement that they need to get to the finish.  And there will be a pipe band in or around to see as well.

Once you have cheered plenty of crews up to the finish line, make your way back to the Tall Ship and the Riverside Museum, to enjoy all the delights of the Clydebuilt Festival.



All photos by Allan Robertson.  Read all about the different boat types in our Meet the Fleet Guide.  Castle to Crane Race is part of the Clydebuilt Festival, brought to you by “The Tall Ship” and “GalGael” and supported by the Scottish Coastal Rowing Association. All media enquires to

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