Joining SCRA

Membership of SCRA is open to any club or other organisation who agree with the aims and objectives of the constitution of the SCRA:

To promote, and support the building and use of Coastal Rowing boats in Scotland and stimulate healthy competition between Communities and Clubs by means of Races, Regattas or other organised events.
To promote Coastal Rowing as a healthy activity, which can be done safely by people of all ages at a level suited to their competence, experience and state of fitness and which in addition provides unique opportunities to be close to nature and to wild life.
To adopt and apply best practice in Health and Safety, Safety at Sea, and Child Protection and to take personal responsibility for their application.
To foster close relationships between the builders of boats and equipment and rowers, so that there is better understanding of skills and craftsmanship, design and materials.
To encourage members to meet socially.

New clubs are welcome and encouraged.  Membership of  SCRA is through an annual subscription, currently  £60.  Subscriptions fall due at the end of October.  A subscription can be paid either:

  1. by sending a cheque made out to the “SCRA” to Topher Dawson, Treasurer, at Reul na Maidne, Mill St, Ullapool, IV26 2UN. or
  2. By BAC transfer, email Topher (topher”at” for the bank details.

Please also send contact details for the clubfinder to