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It is now possible to return to rowing on the sea. If it feels like you are going back to normality, you are probably not doing it right! It should feel great, but different. It is for clubs to ensure that return is safe and responsible, and it is for clubs to decide upon the pace of their return.

GUIDANCE: committee and members must read in full and implement the recommendations in the SCRA Guidance for a Return to Rowing on the Sea from 24 August 2020.

COVID OFFICER :It is essential for the committee to appoint a club Covid officer, and to advise all their members who that person is.

EDUCATION: The club committee, including the Covid Officer should all complete the Sport Scotland Covid Officer e-learning module . It does not take long and is very informative. It would do no harm to recommend it to all club members. At the end of the module please identify your governing body of sport as “Other: Scottish Coastal Rowing Association – SCRA ” and mention the name of your club.

RISK ASSESSMENTS for the return to rowing should be carried out, to ensure and to demonstrate that the club has considered the return with care and to identify what measures need to be taken to reduce risk. If clubs require any assistance with this process, the SCRA secretary can provide draft forms by e mail. It is however important that the club put independent thought into assessing risk in their particular context.

TEST AND PROTECT: Careful records must be maintained of who took part in activities and at what time, so that in the unlikely event of a case of Covid19, fast and effective contact tracing can take place by NHS Contact Tracers.

Sport Scotland: Covid 19 and Sport FAQs
SportScotland Covid 19 Information and Resources

SCRA Update 10 September
SCRA Update 14 September
Temporary Restriction of Rowing in Lothian, Greater Glasgow, Ayrshire and Arran from 11 October 2020

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