On the start line – Anstruther 29 May 2010

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The Scottish Coastal Rowing Association was formed on 29 May 2010 to encourage boat building and rowing and racing of coastal rowing boats around the Scottish Coastline.  Communities are encouraged to become involved in the building of new boats to be rowed, principally the St Ayles skiff.

We now see boat building, oar making, practices, regattas and meetings all  around the Scottish Coast.  Thousands of people new to these activities are enjoying  the teamwork required to build and race these skiffs.  As well as making new friends within their communities, participants meet and learn about the other communities who are participating, many of which share a common history through the sea.

The concept of the community built kit rowing boat came from Alec Jordan of Jordan Boats who was inspired by the Miners’ Rowing and sailing Regattas in East Wemyss where he formerly lived. The idea was taken up by the Scottish Fisheries Museum at Anstruther which commissioned the design from Iain Oughtred. Jordan Boats manufactures the kit* for the design.  The basic principle of this project is that the boats to be raced should be available at as low a price as possible.  The estimated cost of completion of one of these skiffs is around £3500.

The concept has been a remarkable success remarkably quickly.   It has now attracted world wide attention with communities building and rowing St Ayles skiffs in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand,  South Africa, Spain, the Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Eire, France and England.  A register of the St Ayles that have been launched can be found elsewhere on this site.  Also check our clubfinder to see if there is a skiff near you already.    Our kit supplier, Jordan Boats, is more than happy to deal with enquiries from overseas, as well as from any Scottish communities that wish to join those already involved.

The St Ayles Skiff is 22ft, with a beam of 5’8″.  The standard Crew is four rowers, each with a single oar, and a coxswain.   The name of the design comes from the former chapel which now forms the entrance to the Scottish Fisheries Museum.

Form more information on the project read  The Introduction to the St Ayles Skiff.  Also available below are the basic leaflet and the Prospectus for the project.


*The Full Kit cost of £1807.55 is based on pre-payment.  For credit terms please contact Jordan Boats.  Other items are necessary to complete the boat.

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