This is a resource page for everything to do with building rowing boats.    The Scottish Coastal Rowing Association encourages its members to build their own boats, within their communities.  The objects of the association’s constitution include:

2.1 The Association shall promote, and support the building and use of Coastal Rowing boats in Scotland and stimulate healthy competition between Communities and Clubs by means of Races, Regattas or other organised events.


2.4 The Association shall foster close relationships between the builders of boats and equipment and rowers, so that there is better understanding of skills and craftsmanship, design and materials.

We would encourage anyone becoming involved in the building of St Ayles skiffs to have a look at all the pages in this section, so that they can learn from the experience of others, and take advantage of up to date thoughts on the development of the class.

Existing builders are encouraged to share what they consider to be the best developments that they have made, so that others can adopt them.

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    ok What does scales mean?

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    what does sclates mean?

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