SCRA are running coxing courses from time to time.  Keep an eye on this website for details of courses coming up.

RYA offers an online course on Basic Seamanship and Navigation

The Ocean Rowing Society reproduces an old but relevant text on handling a rowing boat in testing conditions, including approaching a beach through surf:

Ullapool share their man-overboard,  swamping recovery and anchoring practice with others on their website:  http://ullcoastrow.wordpress.com/safety-matters/

SCRA has published an example of lifejacket and recovery practice.

Rowing Technique

  1. See the SCRA post on Fixed Seat Rowing Technique.
  2. Welsh Sea Rowing have a presentation on their website dealing with technique and rigging.  Much of it is applicable to other boats:http://www.welshsearowing.org.uk/documents/WSRA-Technique-and-Rigging.pdf
  3. British Rowing have a poster showing their view of good fixed seat rowing technique (Although this is gig technique, and many might consider the lean back a bit extreme, and the hand grip  eccentric for other  fixed seat boats, and currently most skiffies do not feather their blades ):  http://www.britishrowing.org/upload/files/CoachingTraining/FixedSeatTechniquePoster.pdf

The SCRA has developed a series of six training films for basic fixed seat technique with an introduction followed by

Personal Set Up

Coming forward for the Catch

The Drive

The Finish

and Useful Pointers:


British Rowing offer a UKCC coaching course which teaches Coaching Technique relevant to Coastal Rowing Clubs.  We may run the course again in Scotland in the future.  In the meantime the SCRA coxing course (referred to above under “seamanship”) covers aspects of coaching.

Junior Rowers: as part of her very helpful work on Coaching for the SCRA, Ali Grant (Rowporty) has drafted a short set of tips and guidance on Coaching Junior Rowers. We very much support the involvement of younger skiffers in the sport, and Ali’s notes will help Clubs make a good start if they are not already developing young crews. And for once there are fewer Don’ts than Do’s in this sort of  material!

http://scottishcoastalrowing.org/?attachment_id=4870  (Word document, download)

SCRA coxing courses from time to time cover many of the topics on this page.


SCRA hold occasional events to develop the knowledge and confidence of umpires.  In the meantime any one who may be called upon to umpire at an SCRA event should familiarise themselves with the SCRA rules of racing, and any local rules relevant to the event at which they are to umpire.

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