Temporary steps announced to tackle record infection rates.

Further measures to reduce the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) are to come into effect later this week as Scotland recorded more than 1,000 new positive test results in a single day. Restrictions will come into force from from 00:01 Saturday 10 October. Central belt area focusing on five health board areas (Ayrshire & Arran; Forth Valley; Greater Glasgow & Clyde; Lanarkshire; Lothian):

  • No adult (18+) contact sports or training, except professional sports, indoor or outdoor

Although Coastal Rowing is a non-contact sport, there are many aspects of it where individuals may inadvertently come into close contact with each other (launching & recovering boats, assisting crew into the boat, ‘crabbing’ etc).The boats and associated equipment also have lots of shared contact points e.g. oars , gunwales, etc. Therefore clubs should regard Coastal Rowing in fixed seat boats, with more than one household, in the context of an Organised Outdoor Contact Sport.

We await any update which may come from SportScotland so guidance may be revised in due course.

Fuller information on the announcements of 7th October can be found on this link.

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SCRA Guidance for a Safe Return to Rowing on the Sea from 24 August 2020

This revised guidance is being issued following the publication of SportScotland’s Phase 3: Return to sport and physical activity guidance on 5th August 2020 and the First Minister’s announcement on 20th August 2020.


Coastal rowing is a non-contact sport, however, there are many aspects of it where individuals may inadvertently come into close contact with each other (launching & recovering boats, assisting crew into the boat, ‘crabbing’ etc). The boats and associated equipment also have lots of shared contact points e.g. oars, gunwales, etc. Therefore, clubs should regard Coastal rowing in fixed seat boats, with more than one household, in the context of an Organised Outdoor Contact Sport. That being the case, with the correct procedures in place, the Scottish Government and SportScotland have provided a confirmed start date of 24th August 2020 for adults to take part in this activity.

Please familiarise yourselves with all the information available and take all necessary steps to maximise safety for your club situation, whilst bearing in mind the ongoing uncertainty surrounding Covid 19, going forward. PLEASE BEAR IN MIND THAT THIS IS NOT A RETURN TO NORMAL ACTIVITY.


Some sporting activities can now be undertaken, providing all activity is consistent with current Scottish Government guidance on health, physical distancing and hygiene – you will also need to make sure that your club, facility and participants are made aware and can adapt to changes in guidance at short notice.  Information on Scottish Governments approach to managing COVID-19 is available at Scottish Government:  Coronavirus in Scotland .  

Although the guidance now permits rowing in St. Ayles Skiffs no club member should be put under any pressure to return to rowing until they are completely comfortable with doing so.

People who are shielding are permitted to undertake activities providing strict physical distancing is adhered to.

People who are symptomatic should self-isolate for 10 days; household members for 14 days as per NHS guidance. No one who is self-isolating or quarantining should attend a sports facility/activity.


Clubs and participants should be aware that the easing of restrictions does not mean that all facilities/venues will open immediately. Clubs will require time to consider all the implications of opening facilities/venues and put plans in place to set up operations that ensure the safety of participants and volunteers. This is a difficult time for everyone so please be patient.

The information outlined below is generic and should be used to inform the development of suitable SCRA club specific guidance which can be shared with participants, local authorities/trusts, third sector and venue operators.

  1. Appoint a Covid Officer to consider & control activities at your Club at this time. This could be an existing member of the Club’s Management Committee but must be someone willing to take on this responsibility. They may not be popular as activity commences, and they need to remind members of the procedures you all agree to.
  2. It will help hugely to get the message across to your members if the procedures are demonstrated in a short video and published for members to view before they attend to row.
  3. Risk assessments should be undertaken before activity is permitted. (Andy Rendle, SCRA secretary, has sample copies of Risk Assessments if you require these). This may pick up things which mean the need to make significant changes to the way you operate.
  4. Clubs should also take into account the views of their members and the local community. It is worth noting that the evolving Covid-19 situation may mean that clubs in different parts of the country commence activities at different times
  5. Carefully consider what activities are appropriate and define procedures required to undertake these activities (such as washing of equipment). Once these are agreed write them up and publish to all members, making it a requirement to read and understand them prior to taking part in any activity.
  6. Club committees should check with their insurance company that correct and full insurance cover is in place and valid before any activity takes place.
  7. Only outdoor sport and physical activity should be undertaken at this time with all indoor exercise and changing areas remaining closed.
  8. No spectators, other than where a responsible person is supervising a child or vulnerable adult.
  9. Limits on the number of participants accessing facilities should be risk assessed to ensure physical distancing can be maintained before and after being in the boat. This should take into consideration that at Phase 3 five households (or extended households) can meet at a time outdoors, and no more than 15 people in total at any time.  Consider where you launch from and whether lower limits on the numbers gathering there need to be imposed.
  10. Activity ashore must fully comply with Scottish Government household and physical distancing guidance with appropriate hygiene and safety measures also in place.


It is simply not possible to row, complying with 2 metres social distancing, as the diagram below illustrates.

Red Cirles with 1m radius

If each person has a circle around them of 1m radius/2m diameter, then to be 2m away from someone, your circle and their circle should not overlap. The latest SG & Sports Scotland guidance relaxes this requirement by the creation of a “field of play bubble”.

A ‘field of play bubble’ can be created during organised sports activity that allows contact whilst the activity is taking place, in effect suspending physical distancing guidelines for the duration of the activity.  Normal physical distancing guidelines will however apply before and after the activity takes place. Participants are also encouraged to wash themselves and their clothes as soon as practically possible after the activity.

Everyone entering this “field of play bubble” should be aware that this is departure from what they have been used to and accept that this is the case. No-one should be pressured in to taking part if they are in any way uncomfortable with this relaxation of the social distancing rules.

A potential risk to be considered is the slipstream effect, involving contact with exhaled air from other crew members. In the context of sliding seat rowing crew are seated one behind the other, resulting in the potential
for this air to pass along the crew. They also tend to row on sheltered flat waters with relatively static air. The nature of our activity in itself mitigates against this: SCRA fixed seat clubs tend to use crew boats with offset seating positions, and row on open expanses of water where the surface conditions and subsequent boat movement, combined with stronger and more erratic wind conditions, will be disruptive to any potential slipstream effect. However, clubs should consider whether any further mitigation is required.  We have recommended below that the cox wears a face covering and would, of course, encourage any other crew members to follow suit if they felt it appropriate. You may also want to consider other mitigations such as hand signals to replace regular verbal instruction from the cox, restricting the length of outings and focusing on pleasure outings at this
time rather than competitive training outings.

In short, from 24th August 2020, we can

  • Launch, row and recover boats with up to five households in them
  • Immediately before and after the activity we need to socially distance
  • Between uses the boat and equipment needs to be washed down

We suggest that the boats and equipment are washed down by each crew before they are used and again after they are used. This further protects the crews where there may have been accidental contact after the boat was put back into storage, but before it is used again.

Coaches and others supporting organised activity should attempt to keep physically distant where possible, but it is recognised that this will not always be possible. In such circumstances the ‘Covid Officer’ should consider appropriate mitigating actions as part of the risk assessment.

Has your club prepared itself?

  • Do you need to change some of the ways that we do things? Yes
  • Taking part in organising events will require a different risk assessment, has it been done?
  • It may be useful for club committees to do a virtual ‘walk-through’ of a typical rowing session to identify and take steps to respond to potential risks.

SCRA Guidance when rowing resumes:

  1. Do not attempt to go rowing if you feel unwell, or have any symptoms consistent with Covid 19, regardless of whether this may result in a row being cancelled.
  2. For ‘Test & Protect’ purposes keep a log of who is out rowing in each crew and when.
  3. Consider safe management of those requiring assistance to get in / out of boats and whether this is possible within current advice and personnel.
  4. Use your own, clean equipment (water bottles, clothing, VHFs etc). If borrowed or club equipment is used (life jackets, seat cushions etc) this must be thoroughly cleaned between crews. (It is the soap and thorough scrubbing and then rinsing that helps to disable and remove any virus, and it does not matter if the water is hot or cold. Washing-up liquid is as good as soap for removing the virus. The soapy water should also help remove any virus from your hands at the same time).Be mindful of ‘contact’ areas on the boat such as gunwales, seats, tillers, including rope tillers, etc and ensure these are wiped for each new crew.
  5. Wash your hands before and after rowing. If you wear gloves, ensure your gloves are clean each time.
  6. Follow Scottish Government advice with regard to face coverings (this may change over time). In particular we would recommend that the cox wears a face covering. The face covering is to protect others, not the wearer.
  7. Any ‘Test and Protect’ contact-tracing app, may necessitate personal mobile phones being carried. (People signed up to this app receive a text alert on their phone, notifying them if they have been in contact with a person subsequently testing positive for Covid 19). However, be mindful that mobile signal may be absent in some areas.
  8. Be more cautious than normal. You want to reduce the chances of others being called out to assist you until all support services are fully up and running.
  9. Wash down the boats and oars with soapy water and/or disinfectant after the outing, paying particular attention to the parts which you know you have touched.
  10. Wash / wipe down your kit when you get home, including your gloves.
  11. Wash your hands after your activity, and before you engage in other activity.
  12. Further consideration will be necessary for those with club houses or undertaking boat building and routine maintainance.

Remember that although what you are doing is now permitted, any negative feedback or outcome will probably affect your club and indeed the whole fixed seat coastal rowing community.  Ensure that your local harbour authority is happy for you to use whatever facility you need to use to get on the water.  Follow the SCRA guidance above in so far as it is applicable to your activity and always comply with Scottish Government advice re hygiene, social distancing and distance travelled to participate.

If you or your Club has any questions relating to this guidance, please email them to the SCRA Secretary. We have a dedicated Sub-group who will respond to your queries if made in this manner. SCRA is the National Governing Body for Fixed Seat Rowing in Scotland.

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Howe Fantastic!

East Fife Sports Council Awards 2020 

Wormit Boating Club has been selected as Club of the Year  in the East Fife Sports Council Annual Awards 2020.  The award, sponsored by Howe of Fife Rotary Club, is presented to the club that has made a significant impact on the development of its sport.  This reflects our club’s community roots, youth development efforts and its long-standing friendship with 333 Squadron of the Royal Norwegian Air Force, who based their Catalina flying boats during the Second World War at what is now our club’s home. The Norwegian flag is still flown regularly at the club, and the Skiffs’ names (Catalina and The Flying Boat) acknowledge the Squadron’s ties with the town.

  1. The Club Award – awarded to the club that has made a significant impact on the development of its sport. Open to all sectors of the community.
    Kindly sponsored by Howe of Fife Rotary Club

Photographed by David P Scott. All rights reserved.

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Notice for Scottish Coastal Rowing SC050345 AGM – 1 November 2020

As a result of the pandemic and with some regret we have to announce that there be no 2020 Fresh Water Sprints at Loch Tummel Sailing Club. Loch Tummel SC have kindly offered to host us in October 2021 and hopefully by then restrictions will have been lifted to allow us to return to normal.

The Annual General Meeting of the Scottish Coastal Rowing SCIO SC050345 will be held by Zoom on Sunday 1st November at 15:00 hrs.

There will be a restriction of one zoom attendee per club and we request that clubs send an e mail to (cc Secretary Andy Rendle at ) stating Club Name in the Title and giving the name and email contact for their representative available for that time.

This information should be sent in by 17th October. An invitation link will then be sent to each email contact to allow them to connect for the meeting.  

The SCRA became a SCIO (Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation) in August 2020. The existing committee who managed this process and submitted signed declarations to the Charities Regulator, were automatically deemed to be Trustees of the new organisation. November’s AGM will be the first under this new governance structure.

Our constitution allows for a Board of 12 Trustees, voted-in at our AGM, following receipt of nominations in advance. It also gives scope to co-opt a further 3 Trustees at a later date.

Of the existing Trustees, 10 have indicated their willingness to continue in this role, subject to being nominated and voted-in at the AGM. Robbie Wightman, who has been at the helm of the SCRA for the last 10 years and more, has indicated he is stepping down from the Board of Trustees. Our very grateful thanks for all that he has done.

Clubs are requested to send any nominations for Trustee positions to the secretary, no later than 17 October. This includes nominations in support of the existing Trustees.

Any suggestions for agenda items must be submitted by clubs by the 17th October and items under Any Other Business must be in the form of a motion – see below.

In order to take part in any vote, clubs must have paid or made arrangements to pay their subscriptions for 2019/2020 in advance of the AGM. Please contact Wendy(Clements) the Treasurer(  or advise through the secretary of circumstances where there has been an issue as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Under the new SCIO, only Scottish based clubs can vote at the AGM. Subscriptions for 2020/2021 fall due at the AGM.


  1. Apologies; Matters Arising and Approval of 2019 Minutes
  2. Treasurer’s Report – to be submitted prior to the meeting
  3. Convenor’s Report – to be submitted prior to the meeting
  4. RowAround 2020 & 2021
  5. SASI
  6. Proposed Resolutions – (to be submitted to the secretary by 17th October).  
  7. Green and Blue Flag Awards and other Awards
  8. Election of Board Members / Office Bearers. Clubs to send in nominations for board members (trustees) to the Secretary by 17th October.
  9. Club Representatives COVID Rowing Feedback Reports (either in advance by email or verbal on zoom link)
  10. Any Other Business (Items submitted under AOB must be in the form of a motion from a club only and must be advised to the Secretary by 17th October)

Anyone speaking at the AGM is speaking on behalf and as instructed by their clubs. It is therefore helpful if clubs have discussed any of the issues in advance of the AGM.

Andy Rendle
Scottish Coastal Rowing SC050345

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Covid Update 22 September 2020

Those of you who are just rediscovering the magic of getting back on the water, the blisters etc, will be relieved to hear that the First Minister’s speech on Tuesday 22nd did not tighten the restrictions on outdoor contact sport. It is still permitted for people to come together in ‘field of play bubbles” (e.g. a crew) to engage in their activity, with a reduced need to socially distance – for the duration of the activity only.

Before getting on the water and once off the water, the main public health ‘FACTS’ messaging remains: Face coverings; Avoid crowded places; Clean your hands regularly; Two meters distance; Self-isolate and book a test if you have symptoms. We are still in the midst of a pandemic, so clubs should follow and regularly review their risk assessments, ensure that they have a Covid 19 officer(s) and adhere to the latest government guidelines here:…/new-measures-to-drive-down…/

Two changes which may affect clubs are the restrictions on car sharing out with your own household and if you go for an after-row ‘refreshment’, chucking out time is now 10pm! Stay informed. Stay safe and please share any useful information and experiences with us.

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Castle to Crane: Five Miles from Home 2020 Results

A fantastic effort by all involved in Castle to Crane this year. We all missed being on the Clyde, with great hosts in Dumbarton and Glasgow. However opening the race up to anyone to post a time from their home waters meant that we could have a far bigger entry (we estimate 680 athletes took part in our race this year) and we were able to be joined from clubs much further away. We welcomed entries from distant waters like Tasmania and Cornwall. We also had a more diverse fleet with smaller boats able to take part where they might not normally be able to deal with the conditions on the lower Clyde, as well as bigger boats with crews of up to 13, which are a bit tricky to transport from mainland Europe to the Clyde. We hope that everyone enjoyed the event and will keep in touch and hopefully join us on the Clyde in the future.

The Castle to Crane Course usually goes from Dumbarton Castle at the mouth of the River Leven, up to the Finnieston Crane in Glasgow. In normal years it is part of the Clydebuilt Festival, held under the auspices of The Tall Ship at the Riverside Museum in Glasgow.

Everyone was a winner obviously, by being able to take part. However, you probably want to pore over the results, and join us in congratulating the winners of castle to Crane’s Median Trophy 2020……… Burghead Coastal Rowing Club, in their St Ayles Skiff “Tarbh Uisge” – Gaelic for water bull.

Burghead : Winners of the Castle to Crane Median Trophy 2020

Congratulations to them. They represent the whole fleet in taking that award.

We have applied a “corrected time” style handicap to boat classes (“the Greenock Yardstick”) to allow us to compare effort between classes. If ever there was a race where it is about taking part, rather than winning, it is this one! Many clubs are deliberately not expending maximum effort, as a precaution against Covid; rowers are racing in very different conditions (although thankfully everyone had fairly reasonable conditions at some time over the race window). However, we are all happy for those who attained fastest in class and category, and are sure they will be appreciative and respectful of all those that they placed above.

The corrected times can be viewed by clicking here:

Castle to Crane 2020 Results
(with times adjusted for boat class handicap)

Remember that those times are not corrected for gender and age, so where a men’s crew has gone faster than a women’s crew it should not be assumed that they have given a better performance. For those who want to view the data before handicaps are applied … they can peruse this spreadsheet here.

Dutch Club Ferox Taking Part in Castle to Crane from their home waters
Avoch Coastal Rowing Club pleased to be back on the water and taking part in Castle to Crane

City Barge Boat Club from Oxford stood up to row in Castle to Crane 2020

Castle to Crane 2020 was organised by Scottish Coastal Rowing Association, the Scottish Governing Body of Sport for Fixed Seat Rowing.

It is great to be back!

Not everyone was able to get on the water on a rowing boat, due to lack of boats, or local covid restrictions etc. We therefore welcomed those people to take part in the challenge by alternative means. Therefore here is a final spreadsheet showing times for those who took part by walking, SUP, canoe and kayak. Thank you to all who took part. Certificates are being prepared and will be with you in due course.

Team Paardekreek from the Netherlands…. pulling hard
Sidmouth in their Cornish Pilot Gig

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Entry List for Castle to Crane: Five Miles from Home

Rowing ClubCrew Name
North Berwick Rowing ClubRobbie and a GuillemotMarrat
NoneMull MadnessSwona
Norfolk Skiff ClubNorfolk DumplingsCherub
CRAB BlakeneyCrabbersBlue Jacket
Grimsay Coastal Rowingdont know yetLiving The Dream
Burghead Coastal Rowing ClubBurghead BeautiesTarbh Uisge
Living Boat TrustThe 5 Mile CrewImagine
Ullapool Coastal Rowing Clubthe 60 SpecialsDaylight
Living Boat TrustCastle Forbes BayImagine
Isle of Seil CRCSelkieSelkie
UllapoolMixed Open EricaUlla
Sloeproeiteam de Paardekreekteam Paardekreek.nlDe Paardekreek
Ullapool Coastal Rowing ClubOver 50 Mixed (1)Ulla
Ullapool Coastal Rowing ClubWomen 50 (1)Ulla
FeroxAzorean high ladiesAzorean high
Ullapool Coastal Rowing Club50+ MenUlla
FeroxThe boys of summerBacchus
Wormit Boating ClubCatalinaFlying Boat
WSV WoudrichemBatavieren men open AG&G 3 (NL005)
WSV WoudrichemBatavieren Men open BG&G 3 (NL005)
WSV WoudrichemBatavieren 50+ MixG&G 3 (NL005)
Mordialloc Sailing ClubMordy WondersMordy Skiff
Ullapool Coastal Rowing ClubMixed 50+ Team 2Cul Mor
Norfolk Skiff ClubCarrow crewCherub
Broughty ferry boatingThe original crewGeorgie Rose
Sketrick coastal rowing clubKnotty girlsKnotty buoy
Sketrick coastal rowing clubKnotty girlsKnotty buoy
Lagan CurrachsThe Chaos DivisionMamach Mor
WSV WoudrichemBatavieren Mix openG&G 3 (NL005)
WSV WoudrichemVitalisG&G 2 (NL003)
Sketrick coastal rowing clubSketrick bubblersKnotty buoy
Ullapool Coastal Rowing ClubNo.3Cul Mor
Ullapool Coastal Rowing ClubU26 Open MXUlla
Living Boat Trust, TasmaniaHuon Five-OImagine
Newhaven Coastal Rowing ClubThe Wee MichaelThe Wee Michael
UllapoolOpen MenUlla
UllapoolU19 BoysUlla
UllapoolU19 GirlsCul Mor
UllapoolU19 MixedCul Mor
Fingal Rowing ClubLadiesSt. Joseph
Royal West of Scotland Amateur Boat ClubColin Campbell15
Wivgigs Rowing ClubWivgigsAudacity
Wivgigs Rowing ClubWivgigs womenAudacity
Wivgigs Rowing ClubWIvgigs MenAudacity
N/aThe Canal RowersWAWHFL
N/aThe GopastersGopa
WSV WoudrichemCarpe NoctemG&G 4 (NL007)
WSV WoudrichemDe KnapperdsG&G 3 (NL005)
WSV WoudrichemDriekaG&G 3 (NL005)
Black Rocks Rowing ClubBlack Rocks SoloSkitey
Troon CRCTroon 50+ MenAilsa Lass
Sketrick crcKnotty very goodKnotty buoy
Sketrick crcKnotty crustKnotty buoy
WSV WoudrichemMDTG&G 3 (NL005)
Z&MV De ZuidwalGert KeddeDe Liefde
Sketrick coastal rowing clubKnotty rascalsKnotty Buoy
Sketrick crcKnotty McKnot KnotKnotty buoy
WSV WoudrichemDiehardsG&G 4 (NL007)
Wivgigs Rowing ClubWivgigs menAudacity
Royal West of Scotland ABCAdam GrahamNo. 15
Wraysbury Skiff and Punting ClubWraysbury OneWraysbury One
Langstone Pilot Gig ClubLangstoneIslander
Sidmouth Gig Racing ClubSidmouth SmugglersLittle Picket
Sidmouth Gig Racing ClubSidmouth AKeith Owen
De Zuidwal, from Nijkerk in the NetherlandsSaturday morning team 1De Passie
WSV WoudrichemFast Men AG&G 3 (NL005)
WSV WoudrichemFast Men BG&G 4 (NL007)
WSV WoudrichemRoeien RuurtG&G 2 (NL003)
WSV WoudrichemNaamloosG&G 2 (NL003)
De Zuidwal, NijkerkAanhoudersDe Passie NL011
De ZuidwalZuidwal damesLiefde
Royal West of Scotland ABCRon Shug AdamNo. 11
Royal West of Scotland ABCNaiad CrewNaiad
North BerwickDouble Plus1Speedwell
Avoch Community Rowing ClubAvoch U19 mxZephyr
Avoch Community Rowing ClubAvoch Men OpenZephyr
Avoch Community Rowing ClubAvoch Ladies OpenZephyr
Avoch Community Rowing ClubAvoch 50+ MXZulu
Avoch Community Rowing ClubAvoch Open MXZephyr
Troon Coastal Rowing ClubTroon Mixed UPAilso Lass
Toroon Coastal Rowing ClubTroon LadiesAilsa Lass
St Andrews Coastal Rowing ClubFour women and a coxBlue Bay
zuidwal NijkerkseniorenLiefde
RowFloGoing with the FloFlorence
Wraysbury Skiff and Punting ClubWraysbury TwoWraysbury Two
Wraysbury Skiff and Punting ClubWraysbury OneWraysbury One
ZMV De ZuidwalRESTDe Passie
City Barge Boat ClubVoga OneGiulietta
City Barge Boat ClubVoga TwoSerena
City Barge Boat ClubVoga ThreeAllegra
City Barge Boat ClubVoga FourSettemari
City Barge Boat ClubVoga FivePiero
UCRCThe Sea WolvesCul Mor
UCRCReductio Ad AbsurdumSplinter
Wraysbury Skiff and Punting ClubWraysbury AWraysbury A
Torpoint Rowers ClubTorpoint AMorwenna Lynn
Torpoint Rowers ClubTorpoint BMorwenna Lynn
Royal West of Scotland Amateur Bost ClubChippy CrewChippy McNish
Annan Harbour Action GroupLadies who launchPride of the Solway
Flushing and Mylor Pilot Gig ClubRelentlessPinnacle
St Andrews Coastal Rowing ClubMixed OpenSandbay Century
Nairn Coastal Rowing ClubTeam DulsieDulsie
Nairn Coastal Rowing ClubTeam EstherEsther
Wraysbury Skiff and Punting ClubWraysbury BWraysbury B
Wraysbury Skiff and Punting ClubWraysbury CWraysbury C
Wraysbury Skiff and Punting ClubWraysbury AWraysbury A
Prestwick Coastal Rowing ClubPrestwick CrewPride of Prestwick
Mordialloc Sailing Club, Melbourne AustraliaSandy BeachMordy Skiff
Mordialloc Sailing Club, Melbourne, AustraliaChelsea BeachMordy Skiff
Mordialloc Sailing Club, Melbourne, AustraliaMt Eliza BeachMordy Skiff
Mordialloc Sailing Club, Melbourne, AustraliaEdithvale BeachMordy Skiff
Mordialloc Sailing Club, Melbourne, AustraliaMordialloc BeachMordy Skiff
Mordialloc Sailing Club, Melbourne, AustraliaParkdale BeachMordy Skiff
Mordialloc Sailing Club, Melbourne, AustraliaMentone BeachMordy Skiff
Mordialloc Sailing Club, Melbourne AustraliaAspendale BeachMordy Skiff
Avoch Community Rowing clubAvoch Mixed Open BZulu
Annan Harbour Action GroupAnnan MenPride of the Solway
North BerwickJoanna DrewittZev
Polperro / CharlestownAgeing SpiritsTaboo
Dittons Skiff & Punting ClubKnight SkifferSRA 14
Loch Broom Sailing ClubIt is easier to sailLoki
Kinghorn CRCDouble BubbleYolande
Row PortyRaidersIce breaker
Hamble River Rowing ClubRowbustKelpie
Kinghorn CRCToil and TrubbleYolande
Hamble River Rowing ClubOarsomeGigi
Kinghorn CRCFire BurnYolande
Kinghorn CRCCauldron BubbleYolande
Hamble River Rowing ClubAbout TimeKelpie
Chanonry Sailing ClubSkate BankersSilver Darling
ArdglasArdglass 1Ardglass Lass
ArdglassArdglass 2Ardglass Lass
ArdglassArdglass 3Ardglass Lass
Boatie Blest (Cockenzie & Port Seton Community Rowing Club)Boatie BeautiesBoatie Rows
Boatie Blessed (Cockenzie & Port Seton Community Rowing Club)Booties BlessedBoatie Rows
CatterlineCatterline MenSpirit of Catterline
CatterlineCatterline WomenSpirit of Catterline
CatterlineCatterline mixedRobert Plummer
Prestwick Coastal Rowing ClubPrestwick CrewPride of Prestwick
Findochty WSCLast Minute LuciesMorven
Findochty WSCSorry We’re LateMorag

Welcome back to competition.

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SCRA Covid Update – 14 September 2020

Some further guidance and restrictions have been put in place by the Scottish Government on 14 September which affect outdoor exercise. The exemptions for organised sports, such as Coastal Rowing organised by SCRA clubs, remain so most SCRA club activities can continue not withstanding the changes.

The change is that informal outdoor (and indoor) exercise should be restricted to a maximum of six persons, from a maximum of 2 households (not counting children).

Coastal Rowing in fixed seat boats, as Governed by Scottish Coastal Rowing Association, falls under the guidance for Organised Outdoor Sports and requires all clubs to fully comply with the specific agreed requirements and operate in their assigned “field of play” bubbles. For more information on the safe return to rowing on the sea, check out the SCRA Covid Hub.

To confirm, all clubs engaged in our outdoor sport will have a named Covid Officer (who will have completed the helpful SportScotland on line Covid Officer Training) , will have appropriate risk assessments and procedures in place, including hand hygiene; cleansing and sanitising of equipment; social distancing as appropriate and use of face coverings. There must also be procedures in place to support the ability to track and trace participants and contacts.

Please note that additional geographical restrictions in place which may impact on circumstances.

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Ton Up Entries for Castle to Crane Five Miles From Home

SCRA are delighted to have received over 100 entries for Castle to Crane this year. When entries close tonight participating crews will be sent the results form, which they will complete with a screenshot of a timing app to show the course they completed and the time they took. We believe the 120 or so crews already signed up make Castle to Crane the largest rowing event to have taken place in the UK since at least March. The full list of entries will be published on Tuesday.

There is a very diverse field including Spanish, Irish and Dutch classes, as well as Thames skiffs and Venitian style boats whose home waters are a bit flatter than what we can expect normally at the start of Castle to Crane. As everyone would expect there are a fair number of entries from Scottish Clubs rowing St Ayles Skiffs. We appreciate that quite a few clubs are preferring to take a slow and cautious approach to returning to the water, but it is great to see that Annan, St Andrews, Prestwick, Nairn, Royal West, Newhaven, Wormit, Ullapool, RowFlo (from Lewis), Troon, Avoch, Isle of Seil, Loch Broom Sailing Club, Chanonry Sailing Club, Kinghorn, RowPorty and Burghead have entered…. many of these clubs have never missed a Castle to Crane race. There is a more international St Ayles fleet than we might be used to with entries from Northern Ireland (Sketrick), England (Blakeney), Netherlands (Woudrichem, Z&MV De Zuidwal ) and Australia (Mordy Skiff of Melbourne, and Living Boat Trust from Tasmania).

If, for whatever reason, crews are unable to get on the water in their boats, they are encouraged to undertake the “alternative challenge” instead, which is to run, wheel, walk or kayak 5 miles. The results will be recorded in the same way, with just one time submitted for each crew. As with all parts of the event, crews must abide by any local Covid restrictions that apply to them.

Give the Castle to Crane Facebook Page a like, to be kept up to date with information as the event progresses. Put your entry in by 1800 BST on 14 September by clicking here.

St Ayles Skiffs in the Castle to Crane Fleet

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SCRA Covid 19 Update – 10 September 2020

At this week’s Scottish Government briefing (10th Sep), some slight changes to the guidance for were made, namely, the restriction of “social gatherings” to 6 individuals from 2 households. However, the guidance for meeting outdoors for the purposes of exercise or activity continues to permit meeting 5 individuals from up to 4 other households. Organised, contact- sport outdoors also remains unchanged. ‘Field of play bubbles’ (ie a rowing crew) are permitted for the purpose and duration of that sporting activity.

All other safety and hygiene measures should still be adhered to, as per your individual club’s risk assessment and in compliance with any measures set out by your club’s Covid 19 Officer.“Where contact sport is permitted, Sports can use a ‘field bubble’ where physical contact is allowed on the field of play when the activity is taking place. Outwith the ‘field bubble’, people should abide by the guidance on physical distancing as outlined above”. (Scottish Government 10th Sep 2020). The only new consideration would be to encourage crews to disperse on completion of the activity, rather than hanging around in a way which could transcend into a social gathering.

Stay safe and please share your own “return to rowing” stories so that we can all learn from them. Refer to the SCRA Covid Hub for more help and information.

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FAQ C2C: “Does Winning Matter?”

A: No not really. The crews that win in your category in Castle to Crane 5 miles from home will probably be pulling very hard. They will probably also have the advantage of smoother water and perhaps more time on the water before the event. Many crews will feel, from a Covid point of view, that they do not wish to over exert themselves. We would like Castle to Crane to be the Biggest “on the water” rowing event in the UK since the start of spring 2020. It is not the winning crews that will achieve that, it is the rest of us! If ever there was an event where taking part is more important than performance it is this one. Get your clubs name on the results, and remember that Castle to Cranes premier cup is the Median Trophy, awarded to the crew with the most average performance.

Collieston: Median Trophy Winners 2018

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