Rules and Guidance

Scottish Coastal Rowing (SCIO)  (SC050345 )Constitution 2020

SCRA Rules of Racing 2020 Edition, replacing  the SCRA Rules of Racing 2017 Edition.  (and also see Shared Buoy Turn Guidance)

St Ayles Measurement Rules 2019 Edition (and When the Measurement Rules Apply)

Picnic Class Measurement Rules

Shetland Yoal Measurement Rules (Governed by Shetland Yoal Rowing Association)

St Ayles Skiffs:  A Brief Introduction

SCRA Sustainability Policy

Adaptive Rowing Guidance

St Andrews Coastal Rowing Club Guide to Adaptive Rowing

St Andrews Coastal Rowing Club Accessibility Statement

Arran Coastal Rowing Club Adaptive Rowing

Driving and Trailers

British Rowing guide to trailer towing

Guidance for the Transportation of Oar Propelled Racing Boats

Scottish Rowing Towing Guidance – at bottom right of web page


All the above documents touch on safety and see also the guidance in the  “learning” tab above.

The following have been issued by the SCRA committee:

SCRA Incident Report Form – to be completed by clubs following any significant incident.

SCRA Safety Notice 1 – summer-2016 Capsize in Open Water

SCRA Safety Notice 2:  Beach Landings in Surf and the Risk of Broaching

SCRA Safety Notice 3:  “Racing Incidents”

SCRA Safety Notice 4:  Bullying

Minutes from Meetings

Minutes 29 May 2010 – The inaugural meeting of the Scottish Coastal Rowing Association.

Minutes 3 July 2011 –  AGM of the SCRA, Portsoy

Minutes 27 October 2012 – AGM of the SCRA, Castle Semple Loch

Minutes 25 October 2013 – AGM of the SCRA, Callander

Minutes 25 October 2014 –  AGM of the SCRA AGM, Loch Insh

Minutes 24 October 2015 –  AGM of the SCRA, Â Callander

Minutes 29 October 2016–  AGM of the SCRA, Loch Tummel

SCRA AGM 2017 Minutes  – AGM of SCRA Loch Tummel

SCRA AGM 2018  Minutes   AGM of SCRA, Loch Tummel

SCRA AGM 2019 DRAFT Minutes  AGM of SCRA, Loch Tummel

  1. #1 by robbiew on 20 May 2010 - 2:02 pm

    There will be a meeting at Scottish Fisheries Museum on 29 May 2010 at 1030 where all interested organisations are invited to form an Association, to be called the Scottish Coastal Rowing Assoiciation. The meeting will consider adopting the three documents linked above as the Constitution of the Association, the Rules of Racing for the Associtation and the Measurement Rules for the St Ayles Skiff. Nominations are also sought for committee members for the Association, which should be sent to me, as secretary of the steering group (see “contact details” page for my contact details).

  2. #2 by robbiew on 9 July 2010 - 11:51 pm

    Dear All,

    when the SCRA committee met at Portsoy, we decided that we should remind everyone of the measurement rules for the St Ayles skiff, which were agreed at the first meeting of the association. They can be found at this link:

    With regards to oars and kabes they say:

    4. Fittings: design
    4.1 While the plans show how Rudder, Tiller, Oarlocks, Thwarts, and
    Seats can be constructed, it is open to the builders to innovate and
    experiment with these fittings.
    4.2 Oarlocks must be at the gunwale. Outriggers are not permitted.
    5. Fittings: materials
    5.1 Rudder, Tiller, Oarlocks, Thwarts, Seats shall all be constructed
    of timber suitable to its purpose.
    5.2 Other fittings such as Kabes, Thole Pins shall be constructed from
    hardwoods suitable to the purpose.
    6. Oars
    6.1 Oars shall be made of timber.
    6.2 Oar blades should not be “spooned” or of the “chopper” style.
    6.3 Blades to be symmetrical about a horizontal plane through the
    shaft axis, i.e. the top of the blade should be a reflection of the

    There is a general acceptance of metal fittings used as “thole pins” and the committee do not object to these being used in racing this year.

    The purpose of the measurement rules is to ensure that everyone is equal at the start line. The rules can be used to optimise safety, enjoyment of rowing, aesthetics, ease of build and affordability.

    We are keen to keep oar and fitting development fairly open this year, as we are all learning what the best way to row these boats is, but we will keep the situation under review, and propose to hold a meeting of club reps at the end of the season to discuss if any revisals are required to the rules. In the meantime if you have any comments or suggestions please do consider sharing them on the forum of the website.

    best wishes
    Robbie Wightman
    Convenor SCRA

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