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New SCRA Committee

The following were appointed by affirmation of the AGM to serve as the SCRA Committee for the year 2019/ 2020:

Robbie Wightman, Convenor. North Berwick

Andrew Rendle, Secretary. St Andrews

Wendy Clements, Treasurer. Portsoy (North East)

Topher Dawson, Ullapool (Highlands)

Anna Mackenzie, An Eathar (Western Isles)

Adam Graham, Royal West of Scotland Boat Club (South West)

Ali Grant, RowPorty (South East)

Stuart Mack, Boatie Blest (East)

Shona Muirhead, St Ayles CRC Anstruther (Fife)

Elsie Johnston, St Ayles CRC Anstruther (Fife)

Sue Fenton, Isle of Seil (Argyll)

There remains one vacancy which the committee can fill by co-option should they wish.

The majority of the 2018/19 SCRA committee, meeting at Loch Tummel for a weekend
in September 2019 prior to the AGM.
From the left: Andy, Ali, Sue, Topher, Stuart, Elsie, Shona, Robbie.
Not present – Cameron and Anna.
Photo by Wendy

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Tweaking our Constitution a little

Some minor changes are proposed by the Committee – please do have a look and consider your vote accordingly!

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Proposal for an International St. Ayles Skiff Federation

The SCRA Committee wishes to propose taking steps towards the foundation of an International Federation.
Proposed resolution for consideration by the AGM:
“The Membership of the SCRA:
1. Authorises the committee to take steps towards forming an International St Ayles Skiff Federation, made up of National Associations (and possibly where no national organisation exists, Regional or transnational organisations) of builders and users of St Ayles skiffs.
2. Agrees that SCRA should join as a founder member of any such International Federation.
3. Accepts that the Measurement Rules for the St Ayles skiff, currently held by the SCRA, should become the Measurement Rules of the International Federation, to be administered and encouraged by the international federation, in order to ensure that St Ayles skiffs world-wide develop under the same measurement rules.
4. Authorises the future international federation to determine a calendar of international events on an annual basis, and administer (including delegating functions of organisation and administration to local organisers) the St. Ayles Skiff World Championships.”

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Notice of AGM

Updated 13 Sept 2015

SCRA logo






SCRA AGM 24th. October 2015


Scottish Coastal Rowing Association AGM

24 October 2015

6.00 p.m. start (Coffee/tea & biccies available from 5.30 p.m.)

At the Kirk Hall, Callander FK17 8BN

(Hall location) (directions from Trossachs Pier, Loch Katrine)

Draft Agenda

1.    Apologies

2.    Minutes  of Last Meeting (SCRA AGM October 2014 (Dropbox link))

3.    Matters Arising

4.    Treasurers  Report (Googledoc link)

5.    Convener’s Report (Googledoc Link)

6.    Election of Officers and Committee

7.    World Championships 2016 (Update)

8.    Formation of an International Association (see separate post for proposal)

9.    Amendments to Constitution (see separate post for proposals)

10. Club Survey Results

11. Any Other Business


Election of Officers and Committee:

Existing members offering themselves for re-election are:

  • Robbie Wightman (Convener)
  • Karen Burrows (Collieston)
  • Topher Dawson (Treasurer)
  • Sue Fenton (Seil)
  • Ali Grant (Rowporty) (coaching programme development)
  • Stuart Mack (C&PS)
  • Wendy Peacock (Portsoy)
  • Fergus Forsyth (Carrick)

Peter Ashe (Rowporty) (Secretary), David Tod (Scottish Fisheries Museum) and Barbara Elliot (Anstruther) are standing down.

Please pass any alternative nominations to the Secretary by 10th. October.

Please note: no more than two members of the Committee should come from any one Club.


Amendments to Constitution:

The proposed amendments will be offered to the Meeting for votes for and against. Alternative forms of wording for any amendment (for voting on, on the day) should be passed to the Secretary by 17th. October.


Items for Any Other Business:

Please pass suggestions for items to the Secretary by 17th. October

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Notes from the AGM

Twenty four SCRA clubs  were represented at the 2014 AGM, which took place at Loch Insh.  Prize for furthest traveled was the representative from Blakeney in Norfolk.

The 2014 Convenor’s report can be found here.  The minor amendments to the constitution were approved, and the revised constitution has now been published here.

The subscription for membership of the SCRA remains at £60 per organisation.  Topher Dawson would be delighted to receive payment of these subs for the season ahead.  Well done to the 5 clubs who had paid up by the end of the AGM. The 2014 Accounts can be found here; the Association has a reasonable contingency fund, currently.

The new SCRA committee was elected.  We say a thank you to Adam Graham, who has stepped down as SCRA rep for the South West.  This leaves a vacancy that the committee would like to fill with a co-opted member.  Please e mail the SCRA secretary if you know of someone from a Club between Glasgow and Annan who can help.  The new committee members are as follows:

  • Robbie Wightman (Convenor);
  • Topher Dawson (Treasurer);
  • Peter Ashe  (Secretary);
  • Ali Grant (Rowporty) (coaching programme development)
  • Stuart Mack (Boatie Blest/Portsoy);
  • Wendy Clements (Portsoy)
  • Sue Fenton (Seil)
  • Barbara Elliot (St Ayles)
  • David Todd (St Ayles, Scottish Fisheries Museum).
  • Karen Burrows (Collieston)

Other items covered included:

  • Early experience with the 2013 Measurement Rules changes. After extensive consultation last year, and detailed debate at the 2013 AGM, the revisions were introduced. Since then the Association has publicised these, particularly amongst newer Clubs, perhaps undertaking their first builds, via such media as a revised set of Building Instructions. A small number of Clubs approached the SCRA committee seeking an exemption certificate, and these were granted with time periods specified. The Association plans to monitor the revised Rules and is happy to hear comments, working with Clubs to ensure the Rules are nderstood and followed.
  • Regional arrangements. This is an evolving concept, introduced informally, in the context of the rapid increase in the number of Clubs around our coasts. It isn’t reasonably feasible for any Club to participate in every event in the skiffing season; nor can any one Club realistically host participation from all 36! Encouraging a local focus has been a pragmatic response, while it remains with local event organisers to decide whom to accept participation from, and with Clubs to decide which events they seek to attend.
  • Progress with 2016 World Championship plans. The Association called for notes of interest before the end of October 2014, has received two such, and is at an early stage of communication with each proposer. Neither is from a Scottish locality, and both have good potential.
  • The promotion of seamanship skills. Confident and safe coastal rowing necessarily involves seamanship as well as rowing technique, and a number of Clubs have been developing guidelines and learning materials to promote the necessary competencies. We agreed to share materials, while emphasising that every piece of coastline has its own characteristics and seamanship challenges, so guidelines are an adjunct to not a substitute for sensible thought and the gaining of practical experience, specific to each Club.




AOCB at the AGM

A little while ago, Ally Johnstone (Capt. Queensferry) contacted me with some suggestions for AOCB items.

Thinking that it would be handy for us all to think about them a little in advance, I asked Ally if she’d be willing to summarise the matters that her Club wished her to raise. And so she did – the three issues are set out below:

1.    Regionalisation 

Understandable given the rapid rise in clubs round our coast but there are concerns that we lose the Scottish skiffing spirit by making these larger events qualification only – admittedly very difficult to see an alternative.

North and South Queensferry would be in different regions but, this year we undertook a joint regatta – presumably there would be no constraints over such events under regionalisation?

Qualification for Worlds – if Scottish clubs are to qualify due to space constraints, how will international entries be curtailed where there is no governing body?  It would be disappointing to see Scottish entries reduced with no limits on international entries.

2.    World’s Update and Planning

Would be useful to have an indication on how regionalisation will feed into this and a general update on thoughts around the event.

3.    Training

We are aware of a few clubs, ourselves included, having devised basic competency levels for crew and coxes with training to support the levels.  We are very much finding our feet through this but feel we have come up with something sensible that fits the clubs needs.  This was only possible due to the amount of sailing experience and boat ownership amongst the founder members of the club.

We are now in a position where the majority of members have no nautical experience and we are endeavouring to encourage these members to learn through the competency levels and training sessions we arrange for them. Most of which are based on RYA advice but tailored to suit skiffing.

This will be a growing problem as the sport continues to grow and it would be good to know of any plans by the SCRA to initiate top down guidelines for clubs.


Many thanks, Ally and Queensferry!

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SCRA AGM 25th. October 2014

[Update 22.10.14: three AOCB items previewed in separate post]

[Update 13.10.14:  Draft Minutes of 2013 AGM now available, see link below]


Scottish Coastal Rowing Association

Notice of Annual General Meeting


25 October 2014,

5.30 p.m.

At the  Insh Hall, Loch Insh Water Sports and Outdoor Activities Centre  (location)


  1. Apologies
  2. Minutes  of Last Meeting  (pdf available from Dropbox)
  3. Matters Arising
  4. Convenor’s Report
  5. Treasurers  Report
  6. Membership Fee:  Proposed to Remain at £60 per member organisation
  7. Election of Officers and Committee
  8. Amendments to Clauses in Constitution (Paper Apart)
  9. Any  Other Business



Each member club may be represented by up to two delegates at the meeting, one of whom will be delegated to cast any vote on behalf of that club.  Any such representative speaking at the meeting will be deemed to be speaking on behalf of their club, with that club’s  authority.

Election of Officers and Committee:

Existing committee members offering themselves for re-election are:

  • Robbie Wightman (Convenor);
  • Topher Dawson (Treasurer);
  • Peter Ashe  (Secretary);
  • Ali Grant (Rowporty) (coaching programme development)
  • Stuart Mack (Boatie Blest/Portsoy);
  • Wendy Clements (Portsoy)
  • Sue Fenton (Seil)
  • David Todd (Scottish Fisheries Museum).

Adam Graham (T&D) and Barbara Elliot (Anstruther) are standing down.

Please pass any alternative nominations to the Secretary ( ) by 12th. October.  Informally we have tried to maintain a geographical spread among committee members as well as avoiding having more than two members of the Committee from any one Club.  We would therefore particularly welcome nominations for the South West and Fife/Angus.

Any  Other Business

Matters to be added to the agenda under “Any Other Business” must be submitted in writing to the secretary by 19 October 2014.   Any business not submitted in this way will not be discussed at the meeting.

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News from the SCRA AGM (26.10.2013)

After a miraculously rain-free regatta (well, nearly) the heavens opened, and a slightly bedraggled Association convened early in the evening in the nearby  Kirk Hall, Callander – splendid radiant heating beamed at us from practically every direction – for the 2013 AGM.

Edited highlights and access to the main reports here for now – a full and exhaustive (and possibly exhausting) report on proceedings to follow.

The Minutes  of the 2012 AGM  were accepted as a true & correct record
Robbie Wightman narrated us through his Convenor’s Report
as did Topher Dawson with his Treasurers  Report
Existing Officers and Committee offering themselves for re-election were confirmed in post:
  • Robbie Wightman (Convenor);
  • Topher Dawson (Treasurer);
  • Adam Graham (T&D);
  • Ali Grant (Rowporty) (coaching programme development);
  • Peter Ashe (Rowporty) (Secretary);
  • Stuart Mack (C&PS);
  • Barbara Waughman (Anstruther);
  • David Todd (Scottish Fisheries Museum).

(and Sue Fenton from Seil kindly allowed herself to be co-opted, subsequently.)

Then we got stuck in to the Measurement Rules Resolutions (voting record available here). This took us some while…

Perhaps strangely, there was no Any Other Business.
The Committee had booked the hall until 8.00 p.m., thinking that would be plenty enough. In the event, we concluded the business at five to the hour!
With thanks to all for their contributions, whether verbal, or by card-waving at the appropriate moments.

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