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Draft 2014 Regatta Calendar

As at 6th October the dates already submitted are as below. Please get your dates to Adam Graham at prior to 19th October.

Date Venue Club
10-May-14 Anstruther St Ayles RC
17-May-14 Annan Annan CRC
17-May-14 Achiltibuie Coigach
18-May-14 Achiltibuie Coigach
7-Jun-14 Greenock Royal West
14-Jun-14 Troon Troon CRC
28-Jun-14 Portsoy Boat Festival
29-Jun-14 Portsoy Boat Festival
11-Jul-14 Loch Broom UCRC
12-Jul-14 Loch Broom UCRC
13-Jul-14 Loch   Broom UCRC
24-Jul-13 Glasgow GalGael
25-Jul-13 Glasgow Galgael
26-Jul-14 Glasgow Galgael
27-Jul-14 Glasgow Galgael
2-Aug-14 Collieston Collieston ORC
9-Aug-14 Cumbrae Cumbrae
10-Aug-14 Cumbrae Cumbrae
23-Aug-14 North Berwick NBRC
6-Sep-14 Queensferry QCRC / NQCRC
7-Sep-14 Queensferry
13-Sep-14 Queensferry QCRC / NQCRC
20-Sep-14 Tyne
27-Sep-14 London
4-Oct-14 Various TBC Regional groups
25-Oct-14 TBC SCRA Freshwater


Community Spirit Revived

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Six Clyde clubs (Royal West, Galgael, Cumbrae, Troon, Carrick and Girvan) gathered at Maidens Harbour on a rather grey and overcast Saturday. However spirits were high and oars at the ready.

This was the inaugural meeting for Carrick Coastal’s running of the Exciseman’s Chase, over eight kilometres, around the foot of CulzeanCastle on the Ayrshire coast. We were delighted to have the company of our neighbours, near and far. Boats were launched in the harbour and after a briefing at 1230 the “second” crew began their walk through the grounds of Culzean estate, carrying the contraband. Meanwhile, just after 1300 the boats left at two minute intervals, heading north to GasHouseBay to rendezvous with their team-mates.

The skiffs were pushed along by a moderate swell and following wind, everyone making good time. After a swift turnaround on the beach there ensued a hard and keenly fought return leg. As the crews pulled into harbour and after a short dash to the timekeeper, bottle in hand, the clock stopped.


The results were as follows:


Club Start time Culzean arrival Culzean departure Finish time Lap times(mins) Overall time Overall position

Royal West

1:15pm 1:44pm 1:47pm 2:22pm 29/35 1h:7m 1
Galgael 1:17pm 1:50pm 1:54pm 2:32pm 33/38 1h:15m 4
Cumbrae 1:19pm 1:54pm 1:55pm 2:32pm 35/37 1h:13m 3
Carrick 1:21pm 1:56pm 1:57pm 2:33pm 35/36 1h:12m 2
Troon 1:23pm 1:55pm 1:56pm 2:46pm 32/50 1h:23m 5
Girvan 1:27pm 2:04pm 2:06pm 3:01pm 37/55 1h:34m 6


With all safely returned, hospitality of beer and burgers was enjoyed and presentations made. Each crew received a commemorative certificate and bottle of malt whisky.

Royal West were awarded the Exciseman’s Quaich and were worthy winners.

Our sincere thanks goes out to all who participated, including the visiting teams, Maidens Harbour Trust, Carrick Round Table and many other individuals who made this a truly community event.

We hope this will be the first of a regular feature on the SCRA calendar.

Fergus Forsyth


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North American match at Mystic

The WoodenBoat Show at Mystic once again hosted the North American St Ayles Championship, this year in weather condition more reminiscent of the Scottish East coast.  Low cloud and very fine drizzle – but warm!

Renbrook Navy's crew on the millpond that was the Mystic River.

Renbrook Navy’s crew on the millpond that was the Mystic River.

With Lake Champlain and Moravian Academy attending the Worlds in Ullapool next week, the numbers were down, but no difference in the spirit of the meeting.

The ladies and gentlemen of Picton Ontario took the ten hour drive through New England to attend with one crew to race their beautifully finished Sea Shadow and Renbrook Navy’s William Shipp was driven down in the morning of the race with two crews.  Renbrook are the closest to Mystic of all the North American clubs. To add a bit more to the event, the young men and women from Rocking the Boat in the Bronx also joined the regatta again.

The Picton crew familliarise themselves with the William Shipp

The Picton crew familliarise themselves with the William Shipp

Sea Shadow has been built with modern racing gates and is equipped with carbon fibre oars, while Willian Shipp has been built to the plans with home made wooden oars and kabes.  A great imbalance was forecast, so we decided that each heat and final would see the crews race once in the Shipp and once in Sea Shadow with the time added to give the winner.


While the initial expectation was that the crews rowing Sea Shadow would trounce the Shipp what we actually found was that the racing was very close, and the Shipp won nearly as many races as Sea Shadow.  Some very exciting races were watched by more spectators than we had last year; the possibility of multi-lane racing next year will help improve the spectator value.

The St Ayles spirit was evident – all the crews mixed and made friends, and hope to be able to put together another regatta before the end of the season.  The winning crew came from Rocking the Boat.  It is hoped that next year they will be attending with their own St Ayles.

The rowers celebrate after the competition.

The rowers celebrate after the competition.

Maybe a UK crew or two could make it to Mystic next year to join the fun!

We had a lot of interest in the St Ayles, and we will hope that at least some is translated into more skiffs being built in North America over the next few months.

Alec J


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An amazing day due at Troon, in June

David Sutherland writes:

The Troon Club would like to remind everyone that their Regatta is on Saturday 8th June at South Beach, Troon, from 9.45am.

If you intend participating, please let Club Secy David know a.s.a.p., preferably by sending in the entry form which was emailed to every Club, or by emailing or by ‘phone on 01292 311980.

Thanks to those already participating in the event – we will be in touch in the next few days.

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Troon Regatta (08th June): call for interest

TROON CRC cordially invite all Coastal Rowing Clubs to take part in their first Regatta on Saturday 8th June 2013.

As you’ll already have read on this website, the plan is to attract the largest number of skiffs yet seen in one place on the Clyde as this is the first event in the Clyde area. The Regatta will be held on and around Troon South Beach, close to the town centre. If you know this shore, you’ll be happy to hear that the tide will be “up” for the event and so will all the members of our Club who look forward to welcoming you to Troon! We expect to begin the race programme from between 10 –11am and will finish up mid-late afternoon.

This is a preliminary call for interest from participants. Once we hear from you, we will respond with an email “flyer” about the event, with all the detailed information, and an email application form to print out and forward to the Club. The Troon Club has set an entry fee of £10 per boat which we would like to receive with the completed application form (at this second stage).

Initial interest, please, to the Club Secretary, David Sutherland, on by 31 March 2013. This will be acknowledged as described.



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